Profit on the Go: How to Boost Conversions on Mobile

When it comes down to it, everything that happens in digital marketing has one simple aim – drive sales.

Converting ad click throughs, website and Landing Page visitors, Social media likes, shares into purchases is why businesses spend so much on their online presence. Successful companies are differentiated from the average ones, by their ability to maximize conversions while optimizing efforts and spends.

And, that is why more than half of companies now use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) as part of their digital strategy. CRO is any one of a whole range of strategies for improving the performance of a website or other online platform using analytics and user feedback. Given the exponential growth of mobile medium, marketers now are focusing on mobile optimization and have started including it as part of their marketing plans.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile is becoming the number one means people use to access the internet. According to Google, most searches are now conducted using mobile devices.

The importance of mobile should alert businesses to two objectives. First, it is now virtually essential that businesses optimize their web pages for mobile devices. If more people are viewing your pages on mobile than desktop, not having the correct layout and functionality could be costing you leads.

Once your site is optimized for mobile, then you can focus on optimizing conversions from mobile. With almost a third of all commerce transactions in 2016 originating from a mobile device, getting the best from your mobile presence means opening up huge potential revenue streams.

In fact, for new initiatives it makes sense to have a Mobile First approach, where a website or any online presence is built keeping the mobile audience in mind.

What Makes Mobile CRO Work?

Moving beyond mobile-ready web design to boost conversion is all about careful data analysis and smart decisions. Input costs can be minimal, but the benefits of turning page visits in sales can be enormous. So much so that nearly two thirds of companies say they will engage in some mobile CRO activity in the next year.

Fine tuning the user experience

Mobile CRO is partly about focusing on the little things which will make the user experience intuitive, straightforward and enjoyable. In this sense, Mobile CRO is a different discipline to desktop optimization – tweaks made to improve the desktop experience can actually damage functionality on mobile. The two platforms need to be optimized separately.

Mobile-specific tweaks which boost conversion include:

  • Condensing copy. Make text copy more readable on a smaller screen by using shorter headlines, shorter paragraphs, more read more buttons and basic sans fonts.
  • Vary your Call To Action buttons. Smaller screens make it necessary to navigate more to access content. Varying Call To Action buttons can make a site more dynamic and engaging.
  • Optimize load times. 3G/4G and public Wi Fi connections can be variable. Minimize the time it takes pages to load as much as possible.
  • Mobile-specific support. Quick links to maps to your premises and one-touch call buttons help customers on the move.

Put your data to work

Mobile devices are extremely useful tools for harvesting user data, as they log such large volumes of personal and usage information on the go. The first step to analyzing mobile data is to separate it from desktop and other access points – Google and online tools like Mobilizer make this a simple task nowadays.

The analytics process is much the same for mobile as it is when looking at all forms of conversion. Look for drop offs and blocks in the funnel, paying particular attention to rates of click through from product pages to shopping cart, and from cart to check out.

The wealth of data mobile devices supply is also useful for tracking lead quality. A/B Testing is still the most popular means used by analysts to track conversion rates, but businesses should bear in mind that mobile may be driving more conversions than expected – customers who view a product online still often head in-store to buy.

The Future of Mobile CRO – 3 Trends to Look Out for

Mobile CRO is an evolving science, and will keep improving the opportunities for businesses to improve conversion over mobile. Here are three trends to look out for.

  • Cross-channel promotion. The majority of time consumers spend online on their mobile devices is concentrated in just a handful of sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Using social campaigns to promote your digital content will ultimately boost conversion.
  • Site Personalization. Offering different content to different groups of people can have a big impact of optimization. Companies offering optimization have reported a 14% increase in optimization, while Adobe claims that 90% of consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by personalization.
  • Mobile App CRO. Apps are growing in importance as the channel consumers use to navigate the web when mobile. This opens a whole new avenue for specific optimization based on functionality and layouts, connections to other platforms and user feedback.


Conversion Rate Optimization is what a business must invest in as it helps you give guaranteed results and help you track and analyze your leads better and, to walk with the current trend all you need is work on optimizing mobile presence to keep conversion rates healthy.

If you find it any complicated, we have got you covered! All you need to do is contact us right away and we can guide you.


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Team Position2

November 17, 2016

By Team Position2