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Position2 jQuery Plugin for Form Validation

Without form submissions, a primary tool for extracting useful data that you use to generate leads and expand your business offerings, your website visitors would simply come and go. But building effective form submissions with flawless form validation processes can be a real struggle for webmasters and even web designers. To build a validation form from scratch that can pass all the checks and be market ready you simply need to have extensive Java Scripting knowledge and experience. A JavaScript developer with three to four years’ experience needs one to two hours to program a complete jQuery code for a customized form validation.

That’s why Position2 has designed a simple plugin to help you achieve the same task in less than ten minutes. All that you need to know is simple HTML programming and you are good to go.

You can customize the form to your specific requirements:

  • form field validations
  • custom error messages and error handling
  • custom data entry patterns

You can download the plugin here. It’s free. The documentation is available here.

We hope you save time and enjoy working with the jQuery plugin for form validations.

Contact us if you have any doubts/feedback regarding our plugin.

Team Position2

March 19, 2015

By Team Position2