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Pinterest Launches Motion-based Ads

Pinterest expanded its ad products on Tuesday with video ads called Cinematic Pins. They work much like Pinterest’s Promoted Pins, which are designed to blend in with other items in your home feed, but are motion-based. Brands like Gap, L’Oreal, Target, Unilever, Visa, Walgreens and Wendy’s are among the first paid advertisers.

Not to be confused with Facebook or Twitter style videos where the action begins when you pause over them and stops when you move away, Cinematic Pins are first encountered in motion as you scroll down, then stop when you cease scrolling.

Pinterest’s General Manager of Monetization, Tim Kendall, said, “Our view is that auto-play is interruptive. Users want to feel like they’re in control, and we’ve done a bunch of user testing—users are delighted by this experience. They wind up scrolling back and forth. They love controlling the motion.”

Pinterest to launch upgraded advertising solutions for digital marketers

1. Audience Targeting Based What Users Plan To Do

Taking intent based marketing to a whole new level, marketers will be able to target audiences with Promoted Pins based on what users want in the future. Advertisers will engage people as they plan future purchases, as opposed to, say, searching for concert tickets to purchase in the moment. “People,” according to Pinterest, “do tons of different things on Pinterest, but most simply, it’s about discovering, saving and planning what to do next.”

2. Ad Engagement Pricing

With cost per engagement (CPE) pricing, advertisers pay only when users take an action on a Promoted Pin, including repinning, clicking to see a pin close up or clicking through to an advertiser’s site. This model will help marketers track future intent.

Pinterest is already a map for a consumer’s journey. The new eye-catching Cinematic Pins will grab their share of attention, and provide more intent-driven data to marketers.

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Team Position2

May 22, 2015

By Team Position2