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Pin a Post on Your Google+ Page/Profile

Google has added a new feature wherein you now have the option to Pin your favorite Post on your Profile or Page, as the case may be. This is of considerable significance since you can now display your most important Post to all your viewers. This Pinned Post will be available at the top of your content. This post could be your recent activity or an event that you are hosting that needs to be highlighted constantly.

This Google+ feature mandates you to Pin only those Posts that are Public. This can be useful to businesses as they can now highlight their most important product launch or any new services rendered at the top of their Page.

To Pin your Post to your Page just click on the downward facing arrow on the top-right of your Post and you can Pin only one Post at a time and it will be marked with the picture of a Pin on the top-right corner for easy identification as shown below:


Do let us know what you think of this new additional feature on Google+.Contact us now for all round visibility for your campaigns across the digital spectrum!


Team Position2

December 5, 2014

By Team Position2