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"No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" from Google

Research experts at Google have come up with a solution to make CAPTCHAs more effective and it is called ‘no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA’. This is not only perspicuous to the human users but is also effective in stopping malicious bots. CAPTCHAs are so commonplace these days that humanity as a whole is ‘wasting’ a lot of time on it without any utilitarian value added, whatsoever. The driving force behind the whole research was that if this effort could be properly channelized, humanity as a whole would benefit and thus was born reCAPTCHA.

There is lot of indecipherable text in ancient literature tomes, old newspapers, satellite imagery, Google Street View, et al as far as machines are concerned. So if such texts could be given to the humans in the process of typing CAPTCHAs, a huge problem would be solved with no extra strain on resources!

Google has rolled out a new API that directly asks users whether they are robots. Human users then can just check the box mentioning ‘I’m not a robot’, and gain access without actually solving any CAPTCHA. There’s more to this API than meets the eye. Google will scrutinize a user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA using Advanced Risk Analysis before determining whether the user is a robot or a human.

 If you are a mobile user you will have an image based reCAPTCHA. You might be shown an image of an animal and given a few image options that may or may not match with the animal in question. You have to select only those options that are relevant. Humans can easily do this whereas  machines cannot. This makes the tool very useful to discern a human user from a robot.

Your Digital Marketing Dollars Saved

You can use the Google reCAPTCHA for free. You need not download anything from Google and thus your computing resources can be utilized elsewhere. Everything is done via the Google servers. You can now have a fool-proof method of keeping those lurking bots at bay. The best part is that if Google finds out using logs that some of their reCAPTCHAs can be deciphered by machines then it will automatically up the ante without you having to do anything.

Imagine your website is under relentless attack by unscrupulous bots. Your resources might be at stake or your site’s security itself could be under threat. There are ample instances of bots writing tens of hundreds of reviews to unprotected sites around the world and in the process trying to advertise some product or service without the webmasters’ permission. Now you can close the doors on all such malicious bots thanks to Google reCATPCHA.

 If Google finds out that an entity consistently solves your reCAPTCHAs then the ensuing reCAPTCHAs will become harder to solve thus giving you an additional shield against these nasty bots. Thus the main aim of this tool is to see to it that humans are allowed access and bots are stopped in their tracks. reCAPTCHA does a fine balancing act as far as security and usability is concerned at all times, in order to give a seamless experience to the human users.

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Team Position2

December 8, 2014

By Team Position2