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New Patent Enables Marketers to Tie Sales to Specific TV Ads

New patent allows marketers to tie sales to TV ads

AOL’s’s new patent allows it to tie consumer sales to specific television advertisements. This helps marketers to connect conversions with television advertising better.

The new patent involves a system which can recognize conversions stemming from television and based on the study of those patterns, can predict the possibility of future conversions. For companies, activating this online conversion attribution capability is as simple as adding conversion tracking script on their websites.

Sales will be measured against audiences who have been exposed to your ads and those who haven’t been. This system measures the total change among those groups and provides capabilities for real-time analytics. Being able to access real-time analytics is a huge plus compared to the earlier scenario where this data was available once in a quarter or a year.

Using this technology, marketers can understand the capability of their TV or digital advertising in driving sales. It also helps marketers to have a more complete view of the performance of their marketing campaigns across channels. Marketers can track conversions to a specific ad and also to a particular airing time. This will be a lot of help for marketers during budget allocation for television and optimizing effective ads.

Inability to trace conversions to their TV ad campaigns has long been a pain point for marketers. Such capabilities are steps towards addressing this concern as well as bringing together TV and online advertising.

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Team Position2

July 21, 2014

By Team Position2