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New from Google: ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Labels in Mobile Search Results

To help mobile users improve their search experience, Google officially launched the mobile friendly label on its search snippet. It lets users know whether or not a website is mobile friendly. Not only will this feature enhance user experience on mobile devices, it suggests that Google may soon include mobile friendliness as one of the criteria for ranking sites.

Is Google Experimenting with Mobile Friendly Ranking Factors

We keep track of changes in Google’s approach on various metrics for mobile experience and it shows that Google is testing mobile friendly ranking factors to give a better search result for mobile users. In a recent survey conducted by Google, mobile search queries have found to grow faster whereas desktop search queries have begun to slowly decrease. So mobile adaptability is now highly relevant for optimal search results.


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Why Mobile-friendly Labels?mobile-friendly-label

The Google mobile friendly label tells users whether the website they click on is mobile friendly or not.  The mobile-friendly label is right there on the search snippet in the mobile SERP and it signals whether or not the website they are looking for is responsive to their mobile device. This saves time and eliminates the annoyance factor when a user discovers a web page isn’t mobile friendly.

How does Google decide to add mobile-friendly labels on the search snippet on mobile SERP? There are guidelines to help websites conform in order to get the mobile friendly label. It is  highly likely that this new feature shows Google’s intent to make ease of usability on mobile devices, a major factor in deciding search engine rankings for websites.

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Team Position2

January 7, 2015

By Team Position2