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LinkedIn Targets Users Off-platform

LinkedIn is all set to monetize its users’ data outside its own platform. The business-oriented social networking site has come to realize that it is sitting on a mother lode of user data on the Internet. It has a precise database of corporate world professionals that is much sought-after by B2B advertisers worldwide. With LinkedIn, the user identity is authenticated which is critical for business transactions. It is also a budding platform for reputation and authority ranking. Targeting B2B professional services could be a real opportunity on this platform.

For LinkedIn it all started with the Bizo acquisition. Bizo offers multichannel nurturing and is a leader in business audience marketing. It offers targeting and analytics for display and direct response ads. With the launch of Network Display global ad network, marketers can sift large amounts of LinkedIn user profiles and target only those users that make sense to them. It could be as granular as targeting HR professionals in Lower Manhattan with a delightful, modern payroll solution!

LinkedIn has made significant advancement towards a strategic roadmap for its marketing solutions business with this new launch. It provides a full-funnel, end-to-end product suite offering for marketers to reach, nurture and acquire professional customers both on and off the platform. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is the core offering here that connects brands to the right professionals with the right content while they go through the purchase funnel.

This is a new frontier for LinkedIn wherein its quality audience and content marketing solutions can be embedded into Bizo’s unique targeting and nurturing solutions. All this can lead to better targeting, higher relevance and accurate measurement of advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn is not the first social media site to target users outside its platform. Both Facebook and Twitter have been there and done that. But B2B digital marketers are particularly intrigued by LinkedIn’s entry into this domain since it offers the most precise B2B targeting group of any social media site.

The business networking site can precisely target the type of professionals it wants to, from its vast pool of a few hundred million users. It has exclusive deals with a number of publishers and also with the ad exchange AppNexus, thus providing it access to a huge inventory over which it can conveniently layer its own data.

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Team Position2

February 23, 2015

By Team Position2