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LinkedIn or Facebook: Where should you advertise?

Facebook and Linkedin AdsLet’s face a fact.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn are possibly the best advertising platforms digitally, not only socially. Want to target the mass, Facebook’s CPM rates are a boon for you and looking to target the CEOs and CIOs of the world, head to LinkedIn. This is basically how the world loves to classify social media advertising, which may not entirely be wrong.

With minimum spending caps being ridiculously low as compared to traditional websites (news sites being the favorite), Facebook and LinkedIn have heralded a new dawn of reaching people. We’re not letting in Twitter in this discussion as the price points, reach capability and available audience type are very different as compared to the two in focus here.

So as a digital marketer, where should you be heading to? What’s the best that you can tap in your available budget, objective and time frame? Let’s see which platform fits the bills in these three criterions:

  1. Budget
    At the very outset, let’s spill the beans that Facebook is far more affordable than LinkedIn. This can be safely said at least in the CPC and CPM factors. LinkedIn is still a couple of times more expensive than Facebook. There is a very critical reason here; LinkedIn is still a smaller and more focused community. Facebook is huge and really diverse, which gets the luxury advertising concept, that focus is expensive and mass is cheaper always. Want to target a niche segment or audience similar to your current customers? Spend more and go for LinkedIn. Want to build a huge brand affordably and by huge we mean, in terms of eyes only? Go for Facebook.
  2. Objective
    Brand building has traditionally been Facebook’s forte owing to its CPM capability and affordable rates. Brand reach and customer positioning is LinkedIn biggest win, thanks to designations and place of work data availability and correctness.
  3. Time-frame
    This is where Facebook wins hands down. There is a famous digital saying that you can become a Facebook hero in a few hours, overnight is passé. Basically, get a thousand dollars, divide it 80:20 to CPM and CPC respectively, set a time frame of two weeks and you might just be called to the next industry summit, all thanks to Facebook. LinkedIn, on the other hand, takes it slow but does the job really well. You need to hit the CEOs and stay exclusive, LinkedIn will do it so perfectly that there’s a possibility that no one below B-level would ever know of your brand.

Plan your advertising platform smartly. It’s not always what messaging you put across; it needs to be on the right platform as well.

Image Source: Screaming Lunatic Design Agency

Team Position2

January 17, 2014

By Team Position2