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LinkedIn Gives Users Control Over Their Data and Facebook’s New Ad Format Gives Brands Better Visibility


LinkedIn has decided to be more transparent when dealing with your user data. You can now request data about your account from LinkedIn and within 72 hours you will get a host of information that you can use as you deem fit. This information includes Registration information, Login history, email history, your first degree contacts, photos that you have uploaded and a lot more.

So how will this help LinkedIn Users? It is going to be hugely beneficial for users since they can now keep a close tab on their accounts with a little help from the social networking site. You can now manage your account better and make the best of it for networking in a more professional way.

LinkedIn has been steadily growing its user base over the years. The networking site is being used by people more for professional interactions rather than personal associations. So this tool now will immensely help professionals to keep track of their online identity. You can now get all your information, contacts, interactions, uploads and related things in one place. This feature from LinkedIn puts you in the driver’s seat.

It also offers the users an added sense of security. You can find out anytime about all the places and terminals from where your account has been logged into. You can also remotely log out. If your password is changed you will know exactly which device and IP address initiated that change. For more security related features please visit LinkedIn Developers’ Blog.

So how exactly do you think this new feature is going to help your LinkedIn Profile?


Facebook has launched new ad formats through which users can display their events more prominently. This is particularly of interest to the marketing community who can now exploit this new feature for pushing better ad formats irrespective of the platform. Brands can display their events in both desktop and mobile news feed now.

The social networking giant has also given a host of metrics to you as a marketers through which you can gauge the amount of attention that your event receives. You get a detailed report of the amount of people who had a passing acquaintance with your event link, the number of people who actually viewed your event and the response of the people who viewed it.

Brands can actually leverage this events feature from Facebook to their advantage. Just creating an event can help you garner that much more eye balls. Learn more about how to get started with Facebook Events to catapult your brand online. Now if this event is an RSVP for some online tuning in for your brand showcase then you can actually capitalize on it. But it has to be used with caution since creating events for every little thing might actually work adversely against you since people do not have the time or the patience to view everything that you post.

Though, it is a powerful conduit for your brand online without a smidgen of doubt. If you stick to a few standard tips on how to harness this feature on Facebook optimally then you can have a whole new set of customers who will be hanging on every word that you say.

So will you be using this feature from Facebook for better brand visibility?

Team Position2

September 5, 2014

By Team Position2