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LinkedIn Builds On Content Marketing Ad Tools

LinkedIn Builds On Content Marketing Ad Tools

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After its Influencers update, LinkedIn is continuing to focus on building tools that will increase its focus on content marketing.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Score

LinkedIn calls this tool as a ‘recommendation engine’ that measures your target audience’s engagement with your content and informs you about the extent of your impact. You can compare your performance with your competitors and see how you are doing. You can also measure your content performance across various LinkedIn platforms: Company Updates, Sponsored Updates, Groups, Influencer Posts etc.

LinkedIn Trending Content

You can now have your finger on the pulse of your audience’s content preferences. LinkedIn Trending Content tool will rank the topics that are popular with your audience. This will help you develop and modify content according to industry trends.

Trending Content will display trending articles and topics that are ranked based on their engagement on LinkedIn. You can even see the particular audience segments that are sharing the most content about any topic.

What it means for brands…

You can target your content based on specific audience interests. While Trending Content will provide information about industry topic trends, it will also help in securing higher content reach with more shares. This is because Trending Content also shows data on audience segments that are sharing content, which will help in targeting only those segments that are most active in sharing.

If you already have content on LinkedIn, score your current content and study the results. If you are not doing well, you can use the Trending Content tool and develop content based on trending topics.

If you are starting out now, find out what topics are trending in your industry amongst your target audience. Build your content and strategy based on this.

For more information on how you can bring Content Marketing Score and Trending Content together, you can download LinkedIn’s eBook.

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March 28, 2014

By Team Position2