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What We Learned at HIMMS 2016 in Las Vegas

Position2 attended this year’s HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition, which was held in Las Vegas in early March. The conference attracts more than 40,000 people each year, with 1,300 vendors exhibiting. Through the course of the event, attendees have the chance to take in keynote speeches from thought leaders in healthcare IT, and take part in discussions, webinars and workshops to drive innovation in this space.

HIMMS is an important event, and it showcases myriad products and solutions in cutting edge healthcare markets. It also provides a snapshot of the market as it is today, and showcases new opportunities that IT providers can exploit. Our team came away with fresh insights into the opportunities this unique market presents, as well as a new understanding of the importance of our work in delivering engaging content to patients and businesses.

Key Takeaways from HIMMS 2016

At Position2, we came away from the event with four valuable takeaways that describe the state of healthcare IT right now. Across all of the products that were exhibited, these principles stood out.

1. A Need for Efficiency

Users engaged with healthcare IT are increasingly looking for efficiency in the solutions they select. And it’s not just the healthcare providers that are seeking cost and resource savings. Increasingly, we’re seeing consumers looking for healthcare IT solutions, and they are also likely to be interested in cost-effective answers to their questions. We’re seeing both B2B and B2C products growing in parallel, which presents an interesting evolution of the market compared with traditional medical companies.

2. Patients Are the Focus

As the market has evolved, we’re seeing more service users engaging with the IT solutions that provide healthcare information. This is particularly prevalent in the US, where it’s the patient that engages directly with the care provider in many cases. Patients are the focus of the work we do at Position2, and it’s important to maintain this focus.

3. Mobile is a Growth Area

Right now, figures suggest that 70 per cent of patients are using mobile devices to log on to service portals. This is an increase on last year, and it ties in with the opportunities of mobile retargeting, which can be used to reengage consumers on their journey. At HIMMS 2016, we saw a strong interest in video ads that are clear, digestible and engaging.

4. Position2 is excited to be part of this industry

Position2 had a prominent spot in one of the key vendor’s booth at HIMMS 2016, both on the posters and the video screens displayed to delegates. We continue to support and inspire healthcare companies in delivering effective solutions, contributing to their ongoing growth. As the market continues to boom, Position2 will continue to deliver value to the most important people: a community of patients worldwide.

The Future of Healthcare IT

Again and again, IT proves itself as a transformational force. Healthcare is no different. As patients become more in tune with their own care, they will be more interested in using mobile technology to quickly access the services they need. Position2 is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving market. Get in touch to find out more.

Team Position2

March 31, 2016

By Team Position2