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An Introduction to the Position² Demand Acceleration Framework

Position2 is a full service digital marketing agency that has been working with top brands in the B2B space for over a decade. Our Demand Acceleration (DA) framework is the result of years of experience in serving a diverse range of clients of every size and type. It is an integrated approach that combines the key enablers—Content Marketing, Paid Acquisition, and Marketing Technology—to deliver significant results across the Awareness, Engagement, and Purchase stages in B2B sales.

Over the past two years, Position2 has been engaged with SiriusDecisions, the thought leaders in B2B marketing frameworks—to adopt best practices in our services and processes.


Demand Creation is a concept laid out by Sirius Decisions that provides a highly detailed model to plan, manage, and optimize the B2B marketing process.The DC ecosystem revolves around the interactions that buyers have with the marketer. B2B buying behaviour is different from B2C, the key differences being longer sales cycles and multiple buyers. Let’s look at some of the key players and concepts in this ecosystem.

Demand Waterfall

The Demand Waterfall, originated by Sirius Decisions, illustrates the flow of buyers across different stages of the B2B buying process. The key elements in the waterfall are the different stages that leads pass through before they convert to a sale or become a customer.



The buyer is defined as the entity that consumes the product or service. Buyers are further classified based on their role in the buying process, as well as in the consumption of the product and service. Important concepts that are considered in relation to the buyer are personas, buying types and lead lifecycles.

Buyer Framework

Product/ Service

The product or service that is being sold forms the other element in the Demand Creation process. The key concept related to the product or service is Demand Type.


This helps marketers design programs that are best suited to their product or service.

The Buyer’s Journey

Position2’s Demand Acceleration framework looks at the buyer as being at the core of the process. The aim is to move the buyer from an initial stage of non-awareness to the final desired stage of purchase. The DA framework leverages the key enablers—Content, Technology, and Campaigns to accelerate the buyer’s journey, thus providing more and faster sales for the company.




Content Marketing

Content Marketing covers all the activities and planning required to develop content that drives interactions between marketer and buyer. Various types of content need to be developed based on buyer persona and stage in the buyer’s journey. These could be in the form of short video clips, whitepapers, case studies and infographics, to name a few. The Position2 DA framework incorporates a detailed template-driven process across four key stages—Audit, Creation, Curation, and Measurement.

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology functions both independently, as a channel (e.g., Marketing Automation, Website and Email) as well as an enabler for Content Marketing and Paid Acquisition. Given the rapid pace of development, this is the area that draws a lot of attention and effort. In the DA framework, we clearly distinguish between technology as an enabler and technology as a channel by focusing on the core functionality of the process, rather than the process itself. This allows our framework to adapt and evolve with the latest technologies.

Paid Acquisition

While the other two enablers are primarily infrastructure-related, Paid Acquisition is more outward and tactical. It essentially operates as a feeder to the other two enablers. This is also the area which sees the most amount of optimization and scalability, and has the potential to help significantly scale up growth for our clients. Paid acquisition covers all the key channels—Search, Social, Display, as well as newer strategies such as content syndication and sponsorships.

Position2’s Demand Acceleration framework brings together a calibrated combination of Content Marketing, Marketing Technology, and Paid Acquisition services to produce the best results for our clients in today’s competitive digital marketing arena.

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Team Position2

May 12, 2016

By Team Position2