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The Importance of Persona-based Lead Scoring

Importance of Persona-based lead scoring

According to Aberdeen research, companies that get lead scoring right have a 192% higher average lead qualification rate than those that do not.

A lot is being said and done about lead scoring. Every week, we receive an alert on a white paper (sometimes well researched, sometimes not) that is solely based on the concept of lead scoring.

But another concept is picking up steam now and that is, persona-based lead scoring. Check out this excerpt from our white paper on persona-based lead scoring, that will be released soon:

“Marketing has always been an extension of the dialogue between buyers and sellers. Enter the information age. The marketer faces challenges of identifying preferences, content and geo market-centric personalization, which would complete this dialogue. Implementing a persona-based lead scoring system will help you classify leads based on their behavior and demographic details.

Based on their buying influences, different prospects have different approaches. Here is an example: prospect A visits your website’s home page, but prospect B goes to your product page directly and fills a form. Prospect B has displayed more interest by checking out your product. With persona-based lead scoring, depending on the persona prospect B belongs to, you score prospect B higher.”

Persona-based lead scoring is especially important because it will help in personalizing your lead scoring system thereby helping in better lead targeting, nurturing and conversions.

Interested in knowing more?

We will be releasing our white paper on the ‘Importance of Persona-based Lead Scoring’ soon. Watch this space for more!

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Team Position2

May 28, 2014

By Team Position2