Identifying Personas to Drive Messaging That Works

Over the years one of the major aspects of businesses – small or big, has been understanding who their customers are and how to appeal to their target audiences. Today, every successful business model has various ways of tapping customers – new and existing. We see a paradigm shift with most organizations leveraging similar strategies to identify the right persona, and address their needs with relevant messaging.

Which brings us to the question, what is persona? Persona is the representation of your ideal potential customers based on the existing data and research of your current customers.

Your next question would be, why is identifying personas important for your business? To drive content creation, product development, sales and everything else in-between that relates to successful customer acquisition campaigns.

Here’s how to identify personas:

  • Start with identifying the demographics to which your product/ service is relevant
  • Understand your prospects’ needs, pain points, and buying process. Based on that, you can easily address their requirements and engage with them through each step of the purchase funnel
  • Segment the demographics based on the aspects of the product they are most likely interested in
  • Focus on persona targeting as it works for any of the marketing goals: Brand Awareness, Engagement, Customer Acquisition

Targeting in real-time:

Use various targeting settings of the marketing channels to create the right audience pool.

Mentioned below is a sample list of settings available in various channels

An Example of Persona Targeting and Messaging Matrix

Persona features matrix for an online medical care scheduling service provider

Persona Targeting and Messaging Matrix

Sample Results:

Results for one of the accounts where we have identified personas and changed the messaging accordingly – observed lift in both CTR & Conversion Rate.

Date range Impressions Clicks CTR CPC Cost Conversions Conversion
First 30 days with ads not customized for personas 26,014 418 1.6% $2.8 $1,174 4 1.0% $294
30 days after customizing ads for personas 29,478 688 2.3% $2.2 $1,541 16 2.3% $96


Personalized and customized messaging built on personas yields 2X the average sales pipeline1.

All you need to do as a marketer is to equip yourself with a strategic toolkit to identify personas & address their needs with a relevant messaging, and monitor the impact.


Team Position2

November 7, 2016

By Team Position2