IDA Winners!

Started in 2007, the International Design Awards (IDA) is an organization that recognizes smart and sustainable design in five disciplines, one of which is graphic design. Every year, IDA looks to celebrate graphic designs that not only push boundaries but also use unique elements collectively to create a lasting impression.

On the 10th Annual IDA Awards, Position2 won Silver for the Multimedia and Interface Design Category and Bronze for the Multimedia and Website Design Category. Both awards were based on Position2’s thinking behind the Artiman Ventures website.

Artiman Ventures, is a sector-agnostic Venture Capital firm that invests in white space companies. Artiman identifies and backs entrepreneurs that have an unfair advantage in creating or disrupting large markets. White space opportunities occur infrequently and typically at the intersection of multiple disciplines, markets, and geographies.

Position2 created their new branding, logo, and website to reflect their contemporary thought process, new-age advancement of recognizing great white space ideas, infusing the investment they require and then facilitating the network and ecosystem to thrive in.

The Artiman logo is designed around their three-pronged approach, which is represented with a triangle. The central concept of the triangle plays on the letter “A” of Artiman. The three vertices are anchored with: Invention; Investment; Network. It puts the entrepreneur in the center, signifying Artiman’s focus, which is, to ensure that each investment is spearheaded by an energized entrepreneur who has all the key ingredients required to propel the idea forward, successfully. Led by a team of highly experienced former entrepreneurs, their website recognizes their ground-breaking portfolio companies, and celebrates their B.E.T.A. Members (Biology, Economics, Technology, and Arts), nominated by a panel of academic advisors and opinion leaders, across multiple disciplines. Artiman catalyzes the injection of new white space ideas to give rise to a plethora of inventions that hold promise of true disruption.

At Position2, we like turning a client’s brand story into a unique Customer Experience (CX). Through CreaMeleon, our creative group, we deliver an engaging brand experience for web and mobile platforms. With our 3D methodology – Discover, Define, Design – we give clients’ brand a holistic makeover. Our thorough structure ensures that the process is seamless and effective while the clients get maximum value. In our 3D methodology, the Discover phase primarily involves review, research, and brainstorming. Once the Discovery phase is complete, the UX expert develops the first draft of concepts with mood boards. Upon reviewing these mood boards, adjustments are made, if necessary. During the Define phase, the site structure, navigation, scope, flow, and site experience are defined. During the Design phase, the visual designer develops concepts showing how wireframes look with graphics.

With an infectious spirit of painstaking craftsmanship and layers of brilliant creativity, CreaMeleon is a client’s perfect partner to create a great digital environment for the brand to live, adapt, and grow in. With a focused vision and a great depth perception, CreaMeleon is extremely accurate in covering the tiniest details. Staying updated on the latest news and industry best practices, CreaMeleon is constantly alert to new, disruptive ways to interpret a great design, user experience, and storytelling.


Team Position2

June 28, 2018

By Team Position2