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Google’s Data Platform Changes Imminent

Google is the market leader as far as online advertising is concerned. But of late there are a few other competitors that are threatening Google’s hegemony in this space. This has obviously got the search engine giant quite perturbed and it is no mood to give away its share of the lucrative online ad business without a fight. The Facebook Atlas platform seems to be one of the toughest competitors that the Google ad network had to face since a very long time.

Google intends to respond to such threats by restricting its ad network to data management platforms. This has naturally got digital marketers quite concerned. This move could curtail the freedom that ad tech firms enjoyed till now. But there is definitely more to this move from Google than meets the eye.

Going forward, Google will restrict ad technology partners from gathering data while running campaigns on the Google Display Network. Now this move seems to have been timed with the launch of Facebook’s ad server and data platform, Atlas. But there are people on the other end of the spectrum who say that Google has been working on this for quite some time now.

Whatever be the spur, Google will not allow ad networks to fire pixels on certain ads. Pixels help advertisers to keep track of user views and interactions so that the ads can be better managed. Standalone entities who do not have a hybrid model of deploying ads will be the most affected. Beginning March 2015, Google will implement its policy to restrain certain data management platforms from firing tracking pixels on the Google Display Network. The DMPs that will get the short end of the stick are the ones that do not own a demand-side platform or DSP to execute the transaction.

But ad tech companies are afraid that in due course, Google might bring sweeping changes to the ads served on its various platforms including its DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Now that calls for a detailed discussion which we shall be covering as and when it happens. Watch this space for more.

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Team Position2

January 19, 2015

By Team Position2