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Google Offers Adwords Callout Extensions

Google has come up with a new callout extensions for Adwords to the delight of digital marketers. Now your ad copy will have an additional real estate that you can use appropriately. Learn more about Google AdWords Callout Extensions. This new feature from Google immediately makes your ad copy more conspicuous with people knowing exactly what you are selling and what its salient features are. This results in better ROI with higher click through rates.

Google Offers Adwords Callout Extensions

Fig. shows a typical callout extension example

Google can show a maximum of four callout extensions each not exceeding 25 characters including space. But your callout extensions’ eligibility to be shown with your ads is based on many parameters. It depends on how high you are ranked on Google Adwords and on which device your ad is being currently served. Depending on all these factors and looking at your callout extensions content, Google will decide what is the best way to serve it to your viewers. You can set parameters yourself about the ways and geographies where your callout needs to be shown. You can even customize it for mobile devices.

Your callout extensions will show if your campaign is opted into “Search Network Only” or “Search Network With Display Select” mode. You as a digital marketer can implement the callout extensions at the account, campaign or ad group level depending on your requirement. You don’t have to pay any extra money to Google to display your callouts. Your ad copy with callouts will be served primarily in the space above the search engine organic results. You can edit the callouts independent of the ad copy and when you do so your statistics won’t be affected.

These callout extensions are not clickable but serve as only additional promotional content displaying your exclusivity and add-on benefits. You can create many callout extensions and Google will decide which ones to serve depending on the ones that are performing the best.  You can add any other information about you that will help your customers to better understand and connect with you. You can choose not to display callouts at all if you may so wish.

So as a digital marketer do you think callout extensions will add value to your ad copies going forward?

Team Position2

September 12, 2014

By Team Position2