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Google Launches "Store Visits"

It’s an exciting time to be a digital marketer. You never know what’s in store for you in the digital world as you are in for a surprise the every other day. Google has just come up with a very pragmatic way to measure the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns. Going forward it will try and link you online marketing campaigns to your offline sales!

Since the last few years tablet and smart phone usage has proliferated quite sensationally around the world. People are using it more and more to visit ecommerce sites on the go. Due to the mobile form factor , the Internet user’s location can be determined easily and this is the basis for Google’s ‘Store Visit’ to see the light of the day.

But there are privacy concerns as well. Google which had previously been embroiled in litigation regarding privacy now wants to steer clear of any such issues, with the launch of this new feature. It has reassured users that their data or location details will never be revealed to the advertisers.

A New Era for Digital Marketers

Even in this day and age of digital marketing, the truth is that brick and mortar stores have not seen much of a dent in their sales. With Google’s ‘Store Visit’ all those ecommerce players who have a physical store can now rejoice. Using  a customer’s location, the store’s AdWords campaign can now be mapped to actual footfalls in the physical store. This is one metrics with the highest efficacy to determine the true return on investment of your digital campaign and this has got the digital marketers quite excited.

Imagine you are marketing online for client’s hotel booking using the Google AdWords program. This ‘Store Visits’ tool gives you a direct way to gauge the impact of your online advertising campaign. Your customer’s location will be tracked by Google and if the same customer comes to your client’s hotel and books a room then you can rest assured that your advertising has really paid off.

This will definitely make more marketers to tread the digital path. Now you can not only drive sales to your offline business store front but you can measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign in a tangible way too!

Will you be registering for the Google ‘Store Visits’ for you business!

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Team Position2

December 19, 2014

By Team Position2