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Google Launches Hindi Advertising!

The search engine biggie Google has woken up to the potential of consumers speaking in the vernacular Indian language, residing mostly in the northern part of the country. Google has just launched ads in Hindi to cater to over half a billion people who speak the Hindi language fluently. This will help global advertisers to connect with this market that was hitherto not possible online. Now this is a very big move for Google and also to the tens of hundreds of brands and companies that will partner with Google for this particular program.


If you see the above online newspaper wherein the content is in Hindi but all the advertisements are in English! Now you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that the click through rate of such an ad is abysmal when compared to the same ads served on an English daily. So Google had to change its tack. It adapted, improvised and overcame the problem of ads not resonating with readers caused due to a language barrier and came up with a solution that is making it more India-centric.

Now onwards, AdWords advertisers can effectively build campaigns on the Google Display Network using text, image, video, rich text, et al. As part of this new development, Google has also introduced Voice Search in Hindi and an exclusive website to find out the best available online Hindi content across websites, videos, apps, blogs, et al, that has been aptly named

Google had just some time back launched the Indian Language Internet Alliance (ILIA) that is assigned with the task of promoting Indic-language online. Google is aiming to reach out to over 300 million online users speaking Hindi by 2017 via this ILIA master stroke!

The adoption of Internet in India until now was mainly being unleashed in the international business language, English. Of late companies are seeing the potential of advertising in Hindi as a majority of this demographics does not speak English, anyway. This was basically an opportunity squandered online and for a brand like Google this was unacceptable. Though Google search is available in a variety of Indian languages, serving advertising in an Indian language is a first for Google too!

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Team Position2

December 17, 2014

By Team Position2