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Google Joins Hands with comScore for Real-Time Ad Measurement


A few months ago, Google opened its doors to Nielsen to place measurement tags on YouTube ads. This move was to help marketers get a better handle on the performance of their video ads and also increase the credibility of Google’s ad ROI data.

Advertisers take many factors into consideration when it comes to choosing a website to advertise on. Quality and accountability are two main factors and Google is working on delivering both of these.

comScore is no stranger to Google. It was one of their first partners in the area of audience measurement through application of its Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) solution on YouTube.

And now, in an effort to draw more marketers into buying ads, Google has signed a new deal with comScore. This deal will allow real-time ad performance measurement in different formats, across the web on Google’s DoubleClick ad server.

Here are a few important aspects you should know about the deal:

  • comScore’s vCE solution will be integrated with Google’s DoubleClick ad server.
  • This multi-year Google deal with comScore covers measurement of display ads, video ads and ads on mobile devices.
  • You can also measure ad performance across websites and device screen sizes.

The main advantages of this development are:

  • This allows for real-time measurement of ads and delivery of insights.
  • This will help manage campaign spends better, with increased investment in campaigns that deliver and withdrawal of funds from those that don’t.
  • Marketers will be able to access more data about people who are exposed to their ads and learn about their interests.
  • This insight into audiences can help in fine tuning retargeting campaigns later.
  • Makes the Google ad offering more complete with credible ROI data.
  • It makes cross-screen metric measurement easier with its ability to monitor ads on multiple screen sizes.
  • This development comes at a time when there is greater emphasis on video marketing and display ads.
  • It allows marketers to use these powerful tools, knowing well that they have appropriate measurement tools.

Initially, these capabilities will be available in the US for desktop-based display and video ads. It will be expanded to include mobile devices and cross-platform measurement later.

With this development, Google has shown that, though late, they do listen to marketers and work on making advertising on their network beneficial for the latter.

What do you think of this Google-comScore tie-up? Do you think it will deliver all that it is promising and entice more marketers to buy ads?

Image Courtesy: Campaign India

Team Position2

February 17, 2014

By Team Position2