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Google Incorporates ‘Structured Snippets’ into Search Results

The Search Engine giant has come up with yet another initiative to offer online searchers a more insightful and hopefully a better experience every time they search via Google. This time it has been named ‘Structured Snippets’ which is kind of self-explanatory. These snippets of information will be displayed for select search terms as facts and data points appearing right below individual search results. To better understand this view the visual example below.

Structured Snippets

Fig. shows the search result for Nikon D7100 with the camera core specs tagged as structured snippets.

Now these structured Snippets that are tagged at the bottom of the original text are not clickable. They merely serve as additional pieces of information helping users to make better decisions without having to follow any links. According to Google, these snippets of information are directly a result of its collaboration with the WebTables research teams. The structured snippets work by extracting information from data tables on a website and then vetting it with an algorithm. This algorithm will test the data for quality, accuracy and relevancy to the search result below which it will be displayed thus authenticating its efficacy. Up to four bits of information can appear under each individual search result, according to an announcement from Google.

Digital marketers can now take comfort in the fact that their organic search results will have an additional real estate which will cover their pivotal data and facts without any extra effort from their side. Thus, companies purveying goods and services online need to have the key features about their products in their websites so as to assist Google in successfully extracting it. Your readily verifiable objective facts and figures are what will be going into these structured snippets text. All this will give your users a more compelling reason to click your website since now they have a prior knowledge about what you are intending to sell, in terms of hard data.

So what is your opinion about this new feature from Google, as a digital marketer?



Team Position2

September 29, 2014

By Team Position2