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Google Brings “Magazine-style” Text Ads to Display Ad Units

Google has launched “magazine-style” text ads that brings standard text ads to websites that would normally run only display ads. These ads will consist of text only, but will adhere to a design aesthetic, suitable to display.

Google will not add any images to these ads but will only take the text and re-format it into a larger ad unit. Look at the image below for an instance.

The new ad type will appear when a text ad outbids a display ad. Google launches magazine style ads

Impact on marketers and publishers

Running these ads helps marketers align their advertising strategy with Google’s recommendations better by allowing them to run both text and display ads that increases their revenue potential.

For example, if you wanted to run a text ad on a top website that runs only display ads, this is your opportunity. If you felt that visuals would distract the viewer from your ad’s main message, this new format can come to your rescue. It presents only text on ads, but in a more aesthetically appealing look.

What do you think about this new ad format by Google?

Team Position2

May 16, 2014

By Team Position2