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Get Your White Paper Noticed with EVA

If you are like most of the movie going population, you choose the movie you see. That is, you probably watch a trailer shared by a friend on social media. If you like what you see, you might read a review, or check out a film review site like Rotten Tomatoes. When you actually choose to watch the movie the choice you make is informed.

So what about your last IT purchase? Does the same informed choice analogy apply? The supplier went to a lot of trouble and great expense to provide a white paper extolling the virtues of the product and the company. Did you read the whole thing at one go before deciding to buy the package?

Probably not. Who has time to read anymore, especially white papers?

If you read the white paper that lead to your buy-in it was probably preceded by googling some work-related material and coming across an info graphic or a video summary that made the white paper seem worthwhile. The equivalent of a good movie review.

If this experience sounds familiar, congratulations, you’ve successfully encountered the amazing process called Enterprise Visibility Accelerator (EVA).

So, what is EVA?

Your horde of white papers have terrific details about industry trends, the facts and figures, the company’s capabilities, all laid out in a way to make successful business happen. You could email a note to prospective buyers suggesting they give the document a look, but how many people would even notice? For your message to reach far and wide it needs to be more accessible than its white paper format, much more appealing to your target audience. You have your white paper on one side and the entire Internet on the other. The trick is pushing the two together for maximum impact, and then making it accessible and comfortable on the mobile phone platform.

Enter Enterprise Visibility Accelerator, or EVA. You might think of it as the lever in leverage. It is the process of breaking down a long and too often dreary corporate white paper into a succinct and easy to understand format, then sharing that on social media. If you make your white paper exciting in social media, you will reach the right people and they will in fact respond.

 Here are the different ways you can leverage your content:

  1. Video

At Position2, we use information visualization and story-telling techniques to produce white paper-based videos that act much like a ‘trailer’ for a feature film. The video focuses on the highlights of the technical white paper, or content from the white paper is summarized and told in a story format that grabs attention and creates awareness about the company and what it offers. It’s all about seeing is believing.

  1. Infographic

Busy managers like their data served in bite-size chunks. So we pick valuable information buried in the white paper and put it in a graphical chart in eye-catching icons, text and numbers so the message gets communicated in a matter of seconds.

  1. PPT

Well written and designed PPTs can be the graphical equivalent of story telling. We reduce the white paper to a single slide deck and post it on social media platforms like SlideShare, where the content is consumed and shared by the readers.

Each EVA asset is designed to provide enough data to pique the interest of your target audience. Every asset has the same CTA (Call to Action): ‘For more information, see the full white paper here’. Your target audience arrives at the white paper ready to read, or arrives at a landing page specially created for the white paper ready to learn more.

How can EVA broaden the reach of your content?

By its very nature EVA gets ‘shared’ on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SlideShare etc. There’s no telling how far you will be able to reach, particularly if your content reaches and interests the “influencers” in a big way.

The impact of EVA is quantifiable::

  • 33% increase in referral traffic in just 3 months
  • 8X increase in search listings
  • 40X increase in asset visibility
  • 3X increase in visits to landing page

Still not sure of why EVA is important for you?

Click here to check out the EVA Infographic!

You have produced an elaborate white paper or a technical document or an industry leading report. You know you have a great story, but the trick is connecting with your target customers in a way that convinces them it’s a worthwhile expenditure of time to read your report. This is where EVA comes in to help you win the game. Those white papers gathering dust in your archive? Handled properly, leveraged appropriately, that’s all gold.

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Team Position2

April 1, 2015

By Team Position2