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Facebook Updates News Feed Preferences

Facebook wants its users to have a more customized experience on its platform. Until now you did not have a lot of freedom regarding the content that you could view in your Facebook News Feed. But going forward you can choose to unlink any piece of content in the News Piece from the person or entity that you are following.

If you are interested only in sports and you are subscribed to BBC International news then you get all the news from BBC in your News Feed. But now you can unsubscribe the news categories that you seldom read thus helping you to get only what you want, which in this case is sports. People have shrinking attention spans and a lot of them multi-task while going through their News Feed. So it was only appropriate that Facebook came up with such an update in order to make the user’s task simpler. You don’t have to sift through all that irrelevant content anymore but peruse directly what interests you, going forward.

This is also good news for digital marketers. It gives them a way to assess people’s interest depending on what they have chosen to include in their News Feed. Thus breaking free from the clutter, digital marketers can have a fresh shot at targeted campaigns directed towards their potential customers.

Those who have great news content online will be rewarded since people will choose to go through their content. But if your content is mediocre then you better watch out since thanks to this feature you might get relegated to News Feed oblivion in no time. Visit Facebook Help Center to learn more.

What does the just launched Facebook News Feed update mean to your digital marketing strategy?

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Team Position2

November 10, 2014

By Team Position2