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Facebook to Launch New Campaign Structure

Facebook will unveil a new campaign structure on March 4, one that will help marketers, regardless of their size, in organizing, optimizing and measuring ads.

In the new campaign structure, Facebook has added another level, ad sets, to its existing campaign structure of two levels: ads and campaigns.

Facebooks new ad campaign structure

Campaigns answer each advertising objective. They are designed to help marketers optimize and measure results for each objective across ad sets and ads.

Each marketing campaign can feature multiple ad sets, with each having its own budget and schedule. You will also be able to organize each ad set to stand for specific audience segments like, people who stay close to your business. This audience segmentation for each ad set will help you control spends on each audience group, decide when they will see your ads and measure their responses. Facebook’s ad delivery system will optimize delivery for the best performing ad in an ad set.

You can accommodate multiple ads in each ad set, where each ad can feature different content – images, videos, text or links. You can also control the creative, targeting and bidding at the ad level. So, you can ensure that each ad within an ad set is reaching the right audience with their designated images, text, links and video.

For example, if you are a local magazine, you may have different campaign objectives, like:

  • Increasing the number of yearly subscriptions
  • Driving readership through contests
  • Broadening your overall reach

You would have designed separate campaigns to achieve each objective. Different objectives like the above mean you would want to target different audience groups for each. You can now create ad sets targeting separate audience groups for each objective. You may want to target current weekly or monthly subscribers to take up yearly subscriptions with ads highlighting special offers for the same; you might look to target new subscribers to read more through contests based on your magazine’s content and target people who haven’t subscribed yet through promotional ads about your magazine.

The new campaign structure can help you achieve all this.

This update will be available worldwide across all ad interfaces including the Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager and Power Editor along with third-party ad interfaces built by Preferred Marketing Developers.

All existing ad campaigns will be migrated to the new structure automatically once the update is rolled out to your account. You will also have access to historical data pertaining to any of your existing campaigns and ads later since the rollout will not have any impact on the performance, spends or delivery of your existing ads.

For more information on the new campaign structure and how you can prepare yourselves, check out the Facebook Help Centre.

Image Source: Facebook for Business

Team Position2

March 3, 2014

By Team Position2