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Facebook: ‘The Online Shopping Mall’


In the words of Facebook COO Sheryl Standberg, Facebook is making it easier for the 45 million businesses that currently leverage Facebook pages “to connect with their customers.” Two new segments now rolling out, Shopping and Services, allow businesses to feature their products and services directly from their Facebook pages.

Facebook first started testing Shopping in July. It permits retailers to showcase and sell their products from their page. Services is aimed at companies that provide professional services, like plumbers or salons, and helps them highlight what they do.

These new areas are still being tested with a group of businesses, but Facebook says it will open up the features to a broader business population in the coming weeks.

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There’s more happening on the “customer” side as well. Facebook is making it easier for people to interact with businesses with three new “call to action” buttons: “Call Now,” “Send Message” and “Contact Us.” These buttons, which will join the “Donate” button for nonprofits, are being redesigned to appear prominently at the top of pages.

Facebook says it will continue to add more sections for pages and call-to-action options as it ramps up its features for businesses. Facebook says the updates are meant to make a company’s Facebook presence more customized based on the type of business and service offered.

Team Position2

September 26, 2015

By Team Position2