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Facebook Starts Monitoring Promotional Pages

One of the biggest disadvantages of the free Internet to a lay user is the way in which ads find their way to you. Now Facebook will begin to closely monitor organic Page posts. Depending on how ads are accepted by the user community, the social networking giant will tag the Pages and regulate their flow across Facebook.

The ads in your News Feed are no doubt monitored but going forward Facebook will rigorously evaluate the promotional Pages of businesses, brands and organizations too. If a brand or a company is found to hard sell its products or services then Facebook will keep an eye on it. Overly promotional Pages will be given a thumbs down by the social networking giant. Such organizations which just want to indiscreetly sell to users will find themselves slowly but surely locked out of users’ News Feed going forward.

Digital Marketers Need to Revamp their Organic Posts

As a digital marketer you need to tread with caution. You have to offer a compelling reason for users to Like your Page rather than flooding their News Feed imploring them to Like you. You will have to seriously cut down on the number of Posts uploaded, events hosted, apps delivered and such other things which will be under Facebook’s scanner hence forth. If your content is skewed more towards marketing your brand by announcing fictitious contests, incredulous sweepstakes and duplicitous claims   then you better watch out. Thus you need to have a fresh look at your brand Page and give users such content which is high in quality rather than quantity.

All this was revealed in a recent survey conducted by Facebook according to its official newsroom update. Users clearly wanted to see more posts from their friends and Pages that they cared about rather than just promotional content.

Digital marketers would definitely want to compensate for lesser reach of their unpaid Posts with more paid ads even though Facebook is in no mood to increase the quantity of ads shown on its site. Thus this crackdown on organic Posts will no doubt jack up the prices of Facebook ads. As a consequence you have two options going forward, either make your organic Posts exceptionally good so that users will actually love to read and interact with it or be ready to pay higher for Facebook ads!

How do you think this change in Facebook’s tack towards your brand Page is going to affect you as a digital marketer?

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Team Position2

November 17, 2014

By Team Position2