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Facebook "Like" Button goes Mobile

Facebook has come up with yet another update wherein the ubiquitous “Like” button will now be available for Android and iOS mobile apps too. This has got the digital marketers quite excited since now they can analyze user engagement via mobile apps. The mobile users can directly “Like” the app’s Facebook page or any other object within the app and share it on the social networking site.

Today more and more people are using mobile gadgets like smart phones, tablets and phablets (phone + tablet) as their primary device for browsing the Internet. In the world of mobile devices the apps rule supreme. So any marketing strategy that does not take into consideration this vital factor is doomed to fail. The Facebook “Like” button going mobile in order to garner the attention of the growing clan of app users is a well-timed update from the social media giant.

The “Like” button works flawlessly with the user’s Facebook account no matter what device he/she is using to log into the account. This makes liking any piece of content in the native app effortless. Facebook has issued some guidelines for digital marketers in order to make the most of the Like button on mobile apps. They are as follows:

  • Research when exactly to show the Like button.
  • Position it strategically to get the best outcome.
  • Have a riveting Facebook page.

As a digital market you have data of a whole new segment of consumers using mobile apps, at your disposal. Using the “Like” button you can find out which is the form factor that your customers are most comfortable with and how it converts into more marketing leads. This can give you an accurate picture about which platform is the most profitable. Thus you can pursue a digital marketing strategy taking cue from this new found knowledge.

Mobile marketing will upend the digital marketing world for good. So you have to be always nimble and on the lookout for new opportunities and threats alike. You need to have a team of technologists with an intuition of future technology, business executives with an eye on the revenues working together seamlessly. Their efforts can then come to fruition using market intelligence apprising you about imminent business prospects.

It was but imperative on the part of Facebook to bring an update like this since the majority of Facebook users are youngsters. So keeping in sync with the mobile centric demographics that Facebook has, it had to bring its desktop features and capabilities on to the mobile bandwagon thus benefiting publishers and developers on this burgeoning platform.

So how do you think this new update from Facebook, is going to augment your digital marketing campaign going forward?

Team Position2

October 6, 2014

By Team Position2