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Facebook Launches Video Ads, AdWords Will Change Video Advertising Options and Twitter’s Testing a Click-to-Call Feature



Facebook tested the video advertising waters in December 2013 and is now launching premium video ads with a select group of advertisers.

According to Facebook, if you want to reach a large audience with top quality visuals, motion and sound, premium video ads are for you. These 15 second video ads will start playing without any sound when they appear on the screen and stop playing once a viewer scrolls past. The ads start playing with sound only when a viewer taps the video and it expands into a full screen view.

To make sure the engagement quotient of these ads is as good as other content on the News Feed, Facebook has tied up with Ace Metrix company, which is helping them review and assess the engagement levels for each ad. Ace Metrix will assess the creative qualities of the videos in the Facebook environment objectively and provide marketers with pointers on watchability, meaningfulness and resonance.

Facebook will be rolling out the premium video ads slowly over the next few months.

Purchase and Measurement

Premium video ads are bought based on Targeted Gross Rating Points to reach a specific audience over a short period of time. Delivery of these ads is measured by a third-party, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) and marketers need to pay based on what Nielsen OCR measures.

Google AdWords

Attention AdWords video advertisers!

Google AdWords is making changes to video ads’ settings and formats starting April 15 and all campaigns will be automatically migrated from May 15. This change will blend the in-search and in-display formats into one format – TrueView in-display.

According to Google, the new settings enable marketers to:

  • Organize video viewing around a user’s interactions with ads
  • Choose the places where the ads are shown at campaign level
  • Deliver more relevant ads on the YouTube search page

Check out the following screenshot for an overview of the changes to come in April:

To know more about these changes, click here.


According to a story by Digiday, Twitter is testing a click-to-call button that will enable mobile users to call up advertisers directly. The testing is in beta now.

According to Twitter’s VP of global online sales Richard Alfonsi’s statements to Digiday, this click-to-call feature will further Twitter’s current offering of promoted tweets, trends and accounts. He also said that this direct response capability will help Twitter focus on lower-funnel conversion oriented goals.

We will be following this development. So keep an eye on this space for more updates.

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Image Source: mkhmarketing, Search Engine Watch

Team Position2

March 14, 2014

By Team Position2