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Facebook Incorporates C.T.A Buttons for Business Pages

What do you do – When you have a user base of 1.35 billion and counting? When your market capitalization is north of $200 billion and climbing? Well, you find newer ways to make money out of your business!

That’s exactly what’s driving the world’s largest social media giant. Facebook will soon be launching a Call-To-Action button for its business users who were complaining since a very long time for the lack of incentives for having a Facebook Page! This feature that is to be launched shortly will first be available across the United States and then the rest of the world.

Facebook will initially provide CTAs like – Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Now, Watch Video, Use App and Play Game. These links could take you to any destination on or off Facebook depending on the needs of the business entity that is using them. Businesses are glad that going forward they can have a strong CTA on their Facebook Page so that they can get more leads or conversions as the case may be.

CTAs for Businesses

  • Contact Us – A general CTA to know more about a business
  • Shop Now – Ecommerce portals
  • Sign Up – Newsletters, White Papers, Mailers, et al
  • Book Now – Movies, Airlines, Hotels, et al
  • Watch Video – B2B businesses to shed light on their new products, offerings et al
  • Use App – App developers or general businesses offering apps
  • Play Game – Entertainment sites or game developers

Since this new feature has not yet seen the light of the day, we do not have statistics for this new button yet. But it has been in beta testing mode for a company called Dollar Shave Club for around three weeks and the company is just thrilled at the results that this CTA has delivered.


Looking at their 2.5X higher conversion rate as compared to other relevant social placements, it seems the CTA button is here to deliver results.

Let us know what you think about this new CTA button from Facebook. Contact us for a better conversion rate for your brand on Facebook now!

Team Position2

December 12, 2014

By Team Position2