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Enterprise SEO Platforms in 2015

Google plays no small part in SEO becoming an ever increasingly complex marketing discipline. Just look at their parade of near-constant algorithmic updates –– Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin. The impact on SEO practices is nothing short of demanding. To succeed in this rapidly changing SEO landscape, search marketers and agencies have turned to automated tools to manage campaigns across search engines, geographies and devices.

Enterprise SEO Platforms in 2015 - Position2

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Enterprise SEO refers to SEO campaigns implemented and maintained by a business enterprise. At the enterprise level multilingual websites with 1000+ landing pages organized in a thoughtful URL hierarchy are the norm. So too are frequent content creation, focused digital marketing strategy, content management, strong reputation management, all serving a dynamic online community. Marketers and agencies looking for automated tools face an array of choices in an SEO tools market that, while fairly mature, is also highly fragmented.

SEO Platforms Market Trends

Trends driving the Enterprise SEO platforms market include:

  1. Integration between SEO and content marketing impacts SEO tools, and the enterprises using them.
  2. SEO strategies adapt to search engine algorithmic changes; the focus on hyper local optimization increases.
  3. SEO reaches across the enterprise to engage both marketing and technical professionals.

SEO Platforms Market Trends

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Enterprise SEO Platform Capabilities

SEO software ranges from rank-checking tools and keyword research toolsets up to full-service platforms managing keywords, rankings, backlinks, competitive intelligence, social integration and workflow.

Most SEO solutions offer the following core capabilities:

  • Website audit and recommendations
  • Keyword research and rankings
  • Backlink analysis
  • Social signal analysis

Enterprise-level platforms may also provide more extensive link and site analytics that include predictive scoring systems to identify opportunities for improving page performance or link authority.

Other advanced capabilities and key considerations to consider in choosing an Enterprise SEO platform are:

  • Content marketing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Third party data integration

Benefits of Using an Enterprise SEO Platform

Enterprise SEO has become increasingly complicated and time consuming. It involves the management and optimization of hundreds, thousands, even millions of pages, no small feat. Using an Enterprise SEO platform increases efficiency and productivity while reducing the time and likely errors involved in managing organic search campaigns.

Managing SEO through an enterprise toolset provides the following benefits:

  • Performing multiple tasks with a single interface
  • Efficient management of global operations
  • Staying on top of search engine algorithm updates
  • Automated & customized reporting



Team Position2

April 16, 2015

By Team Position2