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eBay Set to Offer New In-app Mobile Advertising

eBay Set to Offer New In-app Mobile Advertising

The online marketplace company eBay is all set to launch an in-app advertising network giving digital marketers a new avenue to target customers on the Internet. The amount of time users spend on eBay is much higher than that spent on its competitor sites. This gives digital marketers a very compelling reason to connect with the app’s 4.6 million and burgeoning daily visitors.

The eBay app is a hot favorite among online shoppers who are either looking for a great bargain or just doing regular shopping. Now a new feature like this from the online marketplace giant is only going to make things more exciting in the ecommerce arena. The digital marketers can at once lay their hands on information regarding the entire shopping journey of eBay users and glean useful data from it.

eBay will allow placement of advertisements across multiple mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The kind of customer data that is at eBay’s disposal is really humungous. Since the company’s app requires a customary log-in, all the information about the customer shopping habits are automatically saved and can later be utilized for targeted advertising. Hence, eBay need not rely on cookies but can directly track customers across varied device using first-party data.

As a digital marketer this is a very attractive avenue for you to create targeted online ad campaigns. You can get data on customer shopping habits, their proclivities and quirky behavior. You know exactly what customers bought in the past, what they are seeking and what they would want to buy. This is an invaluable data for any digital marketer.

The company is contemplating to launch this new feature in this year’s last quarter. In a video on eBay site, the online marketplace giant says that 40% of its sales occurred on mobile devices that contributed about $20 billion in gross merchandise volume in 2013. So whichever way you look at it the opportunity for digital marketers is too big to be ignored.

So what do you think the new eBay in-app advertising platform holds in store for you?

Team Position2

September 15, 2014

By Team Position2