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Digital Marketing Insights From Dmexco


Dmexco, Europe's biggest digital marketing expo and conference, wrapped up in Cologne, Germany, on September17, 2015 with plenty of insights into mobile marketing, branded content and e-commerce.

A few of the insights we liked include:

#1 – Based on data from 400 Nielsen studies covering two years of campaigns Amy Cole, head of Brand Development for Instagram EMEA, made the case for brands to buy ads on Instagram’s platform. Ninety-seven percent of ads on Instagram have generated "significant" ad recall, with the average campaign boosting recall by 17 points.

#2 – MasterCard’s new approach to marketing includes a program called Priceless Surprises that rewards cardholders with unexpected events. Global CMO for MasterCard, Raja Rajammar, revealed that during the Grammys last year, fans who tweeted a designated hashtag received a link to download a Justin Timberlake song, for free. Since that time MasterCard has rolled out 250,000 “surprises” for its cardholders in 15 months.

#3 – And don’t overlook how big e-commerce is in China. The country's largest business-to-consumer site, JD.Com, has more than 600 million users. Over 373 million people shop directly from the site. Jack Ma's powerhouse, Alibaba, reported 350 million active shoppers in March. So those JD.Com numbers are definitely worth noting.

#4 – Friskies’ "Dear Kitten" video series is the poster child for BuzzFeed's branded content program. According to Nestle's Digital Innovation founder, Stephanie Naegeli, the original three-minute kitty clip has racked up more than 23.5 million views on YouTube. And there have been millions of additional views for the other videos in the series. If all else fails, then, lead with cute kitty videos.

#5 –BuzzFeed has made a big international push into markets both East and West, with Europe and Japan racking up significant numbers. As BuzzFeed Europe General Manager Kate Burns told Adweek, 45% of's traffic now originates outside the U.S. In Germany alone traffic increased 32% between May and June and now brings in 3.3 million unique visitors. All of which leads us to believe it’s time to get your BuzzFeed on.

#6 – "Fifty percent of viewing of TV shows happens on devices other than television; 90% of people multitask while watching TV and 75% of that happens during commercial airtime," explained Babs Rangaiah, VP of Global Media Innovation and Ventures at Unilever, during a session on Code and Culture. “We have to be realistic about the fact that this change isn't going to happen. It’s already happening.”

PS: The final visitor count for DMEXCO came in at a mind-boggling 43,484 people from all over the world.

Source Credit: Adweek

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