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Digital Marketing in 2015 – Concentrate on Data Quality

As digital marketers we are in the midst of a data deluge that seems to overwhelm us if we are not accustomed to efficiently dealing with it. This makes the quality of data that we collate all the more important. A recent survey by Google has shown that over 56% of its online ads are never seen. Unfortunately digital marketers were never too concerned about data quality. 2015 might just be the right time to delve deeper into data mining.

Big data has been getting all the right attention but there is an overabundance of it (of course that is where it gets its name from!).  Getting intimidated by big data is clearly not going to help you in any way.  Concentrate on only that portion of big data that makes sense to you. Create personas of your customers using the newfound knowledge. But there are a lot of impediments when it comes to making sense of the data that you collate from various sources.

Consumers are cagey about their social and mobile data falling into the wrong hands. Digital marketers need to provide compelling reasons for users to part with their valuable data. Providing quality content to your users is one sure shot way of achieving this. While soliciting user information do ensure that you have a mandatory email field and the rest of the fields can be kept to only the bare essentials so that users don’t type in bogus information.

High quality data today is any digital marketers’ dream come true. It can be used to create highly sophisticated and accurate customer profiles within marketing software that you deploy. Thus, it is imperative that you ensure the databases are built around reliable data as the first step towards creating better marketing campaigns. This is highly useful in executing targeted and personalized messages to customers.

Remarketing – The Holy Grail

2015 will see a lot of action on this front. All the tools needed to deploy highly effective digital remarketing already exist. For the uninitiated, remarketing lets you show your ads to people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app. Dynamic remarketing takes it one notch higher by helping you to advertise only those products or services that users have previously viewed on your website or app. But all this needs the underpinning of quintessential data on consumer browsing habits.

Some of the obvious benefits of remarketing are –

  • Targeting consumers when they are most likely to buy
  • Catering to a tailored list of consumers like ‘shopping cart abandoners’ that provides you insights on what exactly to advertise and to whom
  • It is possible to create a greater impact with your advertising the second time around

Now to satiate your quest for remarketing or targeted advertising, you have a range of marketing automation software at your disposal. Take this quiz to find out how effective is you digital marketing strategy and if marketing automation software can actually help you.

Hope you corral, cull and corroborate high quality data to deploy highly effective digital marketing campaigns in 2015!

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Team Position2

January 5, 2015

By Team Position2