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Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Over 35,000,000 distinct units of content were shared on a daily basis in 2014.  As staggering as that may seem, 2015 promises to  be even bigger. Now’s the time to look at the content trends likely to appear in 2015, and plot your marketing course accordingly.


Current Marketing Trend

Social Media Marketing and Blogs on Top

Today most marketers promote their content on social media sites, and for good reason. Clicks, shares, and views from social media sites are five times more likely to be shared.

The Prediction: This year we’ll see content marketing efforts push beyond social media and spill over into webinars, case studies and other relevant content platforms. These efforts deliver more value, brand awareness, backlinks and discussions than just a simple social share.

  1. Businesses will finally get involved in content creation

Nearly all marketers now factor content marketing into their overall marketing plan, and 45% of B2B marketers report having a content strategy in place. They understand how social media and content marketing line up with each other. They understand that content marketing is all about story-telling. Make this the year you generate high quality engaging  multimedia content. Customers respond to visual content and remember it better.

For help planning a content strategy for your business, see the links below:

  1. Content marketing targets engagement and brand awareness

According to the Content Marketing Association, brand awareness and engagement are the leading marketing goals for 2015. To build better brand awareness develop regular posting schedules, speak with a consistent voice and share the kind of content with groups that functions like free publicity.

In 2015 expect to see a deeper focus on brand awareness and engagement as content marketing assumes a more natural approach.

  1. Get ready for the content marketing visualizations boom

Neil Patel of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics says that content marketers should be ready for visualizations in 2015 and move beyond basic infographics. Neil suggests that 3D infographics or animated infographics work to your advantage, adding a “wow” effect that generates more shares and likes.

To learn more about infographics check content marketing infographics for 2015

  1. Calculating content marketing ROI

In 2015 you’ll see content gaining more traction in terms of lead generation, and lay a new groundwork for the future of content marketing. Content marketing platforms will become fully integrated with customer records and customer relationship management.

For tips on how to improve digital marketing ROI see tips to improve digital marketing ROI

  1. Smart marketers prefer thought leadership

Don’t just present content. Add value. From shares and tweets to blog posts to whitepapers, have a well-defined plan to engage with the consumer. Always ask the question,”Will our clients and prospects find this content valuable?”

  1. Content marketers wake up to email marketing

There was a time when you could offer a company newsletter via email and that was enough to build and grow your list. Email marketing has been used as a distribution channel for existing content such as blog posts, and to promote paid products and content to subscribers. All that has to change.

In 2015 marketers need to get really smart about the kinds of email marketing content they want to produce and develop engaging ways to promote it.

  1. Conquering content on mobile

In 2015 there is no longer any debate about mobile. Everyone will be investing in the space. So it is essential for content marketers to develop mobile-friendly content for customers. The health of their brand depends on it. It’s a problem that needs adressing. While 41% of respondents confirm that up to half of their subscribers open emails on mobile devices, only 42% of vendors admit they rarely employ a mobile-friendly design in their communications.

There’s a big disconnect between what marketers know they need to do, and what they’re actually doing. Look for that to change in 2015 because it’s a change or die situation.

2015 to-dos

  • Make responsive connections with your prospects
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase commitment

What ups and downs or trends do you predict for content marketing in 2015? Please Share your insights below!

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Team Position2

March 4, 2015

By Team Position2