Chat GPT SEO Maximize Your SEO Strategy

ChatGPT for SEO: Maximize Your SEO Strategy

Microsoft has added an additional $10 billion in funding (added to the initial $1BN investment) for OpenAI. That investment, in the words of Satya Nadella (Chairman and CEO, Microsoft) was because of a shared ambition to responsibly advance cutting-edge AI research – while democratizing AI as a new technology platform. AI-powered ChatGPT can improve SEO by generating high-quality, relevant content, keyword strategy, and analyzing user intent.

Our team is experimenting with some of the ChatGPT chrome extensions, here’s what we found.

How To Use ChatGPT For SEO

By now, many of you have tried ChatGPT or you’re familiar with how it work. OpenAI has released several updates to serve improved results for user queries. Notable releases include daily limit, general performance (speed of returns), conversation history, etc.

Let’s dive deeper, and review the use cases of ChatGPT in real time.

There are several ways you can use ChatGPT for digital marketing. Utilizing ChatGPT For SEO can save time and effort… and SEO automation. The chatbot plays a vital role in repetitive digital marketing activities. SEO and AI are quickly becoming unseparable, and are laying the path for future SEO success.

“According to Neil Patel, AI is transforming the search industry. Machine learning and natural language processing will improve relevance and deliver personalized results. In the future, searches will become even more personalized.”

How to use ChatGPT for maximum impact in your SEO efforts

ChatGPT is only available only on the desktop version, and many of the applications available on the Play store are not legitimate. Integrate ChatGPT in your digital marketing by tying it to conversational interfaces for improved customer engagement and personalized experiences.

Improving ChatGPT responses with examples

You get the most from ChatGPT in real time with prebuilt SEO prompts – these prompts help to ensure the accuracy of results. It’s not a guarantee that it generates entirely original results. As you know, these AI-generated results based on learning models, you’ll need to review and edit those results to get the most of out of them.

Let’s discuss two of the Chrome extensions for ChatGPT.

They are AIPRM for SEO and WebChatGPT – let’s dive in and look at a couple of examples:


AIPRM ChatGPT Chrome extension (multi-community version) has a list of curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS, and more. If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic and attain a higher Google ranking through ChatGPT, this is the extension for you.

Let’s start with keyword research. This is one of the most powerful features in AIPRM.

Public Prompts is basically a list of predefined SEO prompts with categories like ideation, marketing, and writing. If you need something different, choose Own prompts to create your own template for recurring tasks based on your needs and requirements.

The expectation for the Public prompt

Let’s prepare a content strategy for one of the client businesses in the healthcare industry. Start with the keyword strategy to generate the right strategy for the blog post.

Pro Tip:

You can expect the desired results if you choose the SEO prompt from AIPRM. Check out the screenshot for reference.

Keyword strategy

Your Input: Generate keywords related to gum diseases. You can find numerous results including keyword clusters, keywords, search intent, titles, and meta descriptions. Keyword research is made easier with the assistance of this SEO tool.

Next step, pick one keyword from the list of suggested keywords and will ask to generate blog post ideas for the same keywords.

Blog Post Ideas

Your Input: Generate 3 blog post ideas for the keyword ‘gum disease risk factors’ (example below).

Title and Meta Description

Your Input: Generate a page title (maximum 70 characters) and meta description (maximum 160 characters) for the blog post: “The link between gum disease and overall health”, (example below).

… in conclusion

Your Input: Generate the conclusion for the blog post: The link between gum disease and overall health. This SEO prompt can assist you in finding content ideas. AI-generated content may not be 100% accurate, so we recommend proofreading the output, (example below).

Generate FAQs Related to Content

Your Input: Generate the top 3 FAQs for the same post, keeping the answers in around 30 words, (example below).

Generate FAQ Schema Markup

Your Input: Generate FAQ schema tags for the current FAQs, (example below).


Your Input: Translate the schema tags in French.

Outrank Article

Your Input: Type the competitor URL into the prompt. It’ll generate blog content similar to your competitor who may already rank at the top of the search engine return page (SERP), (see below).

Note: This is a recommended practice for writing content. AI-generated answers may need to be corrected to meet search engine guidelines.

The expectation for ‘own prompt’

One of the coolest features under AIPRM is that you can create your own prompt based on your needs and requirements – like SILO structure, keyword strategy, translation by creating a tabular column for comparison, (see below).

Pro Tip: You can also share the prompt template publicly with other users.

WebChatGPT For SEO

We all know that ChatGPT has a few limitations and limited knowledge of the world after 2021. The WebChatGPT chrome extension is open-source code – anyone can review and contribute to the project.

With the help of WebChatGPT, you can overcome the downside of ChatGPT, in real time. You can get relevant returns with up-to-date information on recent content through your prompts.

Real-time answer

Your Input: Which country won FIFA World Cup 2022

Top Useful SEO Prompts in 2023

Stay up-to-date on the latest SEO strategies in 2023 with our comprehensive guide. Learn the best practices for optimizing your website and improving your search engine rankings, ensuring your website is ready to rank on the SERP in a constantly-evolving digital landscape.

On-page SEO Prompts

An AI chatbot designed for conversation – streamlines the process of On-page SEO by making it more efficient, quick, and precise.

  • Suggest keywords with high search volume and low competition
  • Write an SEO optimized title on the topic, under 60 characters
  • Write a meta description, not more than 160 characters
  • Cluster the keywords based on the category
  • Generate the best image alt text for your images
  • Create a no-follow link
  • Create a self canonical tag
  • Find opportunities for internal linking for existing article
  • Provide the best strategies for SEO to an international audience

Example for SEO keyword research

Your Input: Suggest keywords with a high search volume for gum disease

Off-page SEO Prompts

ChatGPT can also assist with off-page SEO prompts by providing insights and strategies for improving your website’s off-page signals.

  • Generate a list of link-building opportunities
  • Create a list of potential affiliate marketing opportunities
  • Provide a list of 10 relevant websites (listing out their URLs) that talk about “off-page SEO”.
  • Create a list of guest blogging opportunities

Example for offpage (link building)

Your Input: Generate a list of link-building opportunities for the dentist’s website.

Content Creation Prompts

Create engaging and informative content with SEO prompts to attract and retain audiences. Use data-driven strategies and high-quality writing to establish your brand as a subject matter expert in your industry.

  • List out the top 10 ranking blogs
  • Think like an SEO specialist and generate ideas for blog posts and article topics
  • Write an introduction with stats and facts for the blog post
  • As a Content Marketer, create a content calendar for a specific topic for next 30 days
  • Provide the target audience for a keyword
  • Proofread the page description
  • Generate the list of FAQs for the blog post
  • Suggest the SEO-friendly URL structure for a blog
  • Create a list of LSI keywords
  • Create a list of people who also ask about a topic

Example for content creation

Your Input: Think like an SEO specialist and generate ideas for blog posts and article topics for “gum infections”

Interesting Facts About ChatGPT

  • According to the source, ChatGPT just crossed 1 million users; it’s been a few weeks since launch.
  • ChatGPT comes at no cost
  • One of the dominant viral AI chatbots
  • Microsoft has announced a significant investment, in billions of dollars in OpenAI, the organization behind the creation of the ChatGPT language model.
  • Reports have indicated that users of ChatGPT will have a monthly cost of $42 for “professional” access – no official announcement has been made.

AI Statistics

  1. 35% of companies use AI in business, and 42% want to explore it. As AI adoption grows steadily, ticking up 4 points from 2021 – it’s a fast-growing trend for businesses.
  2. Slow AI adoption is driven by the lack of a cohesive strategy of applying the AI capabilities to business goals. Smaller companies lag behind larger ones in having a holistic AI strategy – 41% of those companies are developing one.
  3. 53% of IT professionals have quickened their AI rollout in the last 24 months, a higher rate than in 2021 when only 43% accelerated AI amid the COVID-19 response.
  4. The industry has advanced beyond chatbots, with 29% of companies using or considering natural language programming (NLP) solutions.
  5. 54% of organizations report cost savings & efficiencies with AI-automated IT/business/network processes. 53% see improved performance, and 48% report better customer experiences.

Source: IMB

FAQs on ChatGPT For SEO In Real Time

When was ChatGPT launched?

ChatGPT was launched on November 30, 2022. Samuel H. Altman, CEO of Open AI.

What are the top ChatGPT chrome extensions for?

Due to the popularity of ChatGPT, there are a number of chrome extensions released in the market. Fortunately, finding the right extension is easy, two of favorites are AIPRM for SEO & WebChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT a competitor to Google?

Absolutely not. Though ChatGPT and Google have some similarities in language models, ChatGPT is just a pre-trained language model.

Do search engines, including Google, support AI-generated content?

Search engines, including Google, support AI-generated content as long as it has been reviewed and enhances the user experience.


To summarize, ChatGPT is a viral AI-generated content tool for SEO that provides real-time, relevant, and high-quality content for user-relevant queries called AI for SEO success. ChatGPT for SEO with chrome extensions can improve website visibility and search rankings, leading to increased traffic and potential customers.

Give it a try to ChatGPT today.

Anandan N

April 6, 2023

By Anandan N