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Campaign Hub – Position²’s Solution for Effective B2B Marketing

Content is King, but what good is a king without his queen, advisors and officials?

Creating great content is just the start. There are several additional things that we have to do right to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. While we employ time-tested strategies to ensure that the content is reaching its intended audience, it is also critical to experiment and try new things, so that the audience spends more time on your site.

Much has already been written about the importance of marketing effectively to ensure that the right audiences are targeted at the right time to ensure a successful lead gen campaign. Today, we will focus on the presentation and the technological aspects of a campaign, and their importance in the scheme of things.

Once you have the right content in place, you want to implement the most effective marketing strategies to ensure that the most relevant audience has been targeted. Once you have the user exactly where you want him to be, the layout, presentation and arrangement of the content are of utmost importance. It is absolutely essential that we do not lose the user after all the effort that has gone in thus far.

Enter Campaign Hub

This is where a technology solution like Campaign Hub can prove to be a valuable asset by helping you create the vibrant, unique, and engaging landing page experience that you require to enhance the effectiveness of your content—and ensure that more visitors enter your company’s marketing funnel.

Position²’s Campaign Hub seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing Marketing Automation software to ensure that all the information entered by your visitors directly reaches your marketing database. You also have the option of personalized targeting where, depending on the profile of the visitor, the type of content being served changes to best suit what they are looking for, and also creates value for your target audience.

To maximize the effectiveness of your landing page, you can choose from a wide range of theater/ social conversation/ banner modules, form fills, or have custom modules developed to suit your requirements. The Hub’s A/B testing feature helps you test multiple designs and freeze on the one that works best and gives you the most visibility.

Campaign Hub also has a Content Management System (CMS) option that allows you to launch campaigns with User Generated Content. This feature improves the quality of engagement with the target audience, and allows you to easily moderate the submitted content.

In conclusion, there is certainly no substitute for good content. However, merely creating good content does not ensure success and visibility in today’s digital marketplace. A solid marketing strategy, as well as the right technology, go a long way in ensuring the success of an online campaign.

Team Position2

March 24, 2016

By Team Position2