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Building A Cohesive Brand


From the get go, the biggest challenge facing digital marketers has been defining the target market. Who is the customer? That’s the big question. Figure that out and you can build Brand recognition that permeates their every touch point.

Brands need to have a strategic digital content engine in place that seamlessly penetrates the customer’s lifestyle. Without that, all the talk of methodologies and best practices for gaining more business and ROI from your Digital Marketing efforts is of little use.

It’s not about new methods of digital intervention into people’s lives.It’s about Cohesive Branding.This means appropriately aligning your digital marketing efforts to meet your customer on common ground.

Here are some of the rules of the road we follow at Position2 to create an engaging Brand presence for our partners and clients:

Create brands that connect with your audience

These are real people with real lives. Listen, talk to, share with and help out your customers wherever and whenever they need you.

Collaborate with your customers

Solving a customer’s problem polishes the Brand. Leverage that to open the way with new possibilities for potential customers. You are, in effect, creating a bond with the Brand that may last a lifetime.

Define a Brand’s Culture and Values

Then make that the center of your marketing efforts. This is how you define a Brand identity likely to connect with targeted customers. There’s a backstory to tell your customers. It’s the underlying effort behind the products you sell them.

Team Position2

November 13, 2015

By Team Position2