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Bing Crawls Non-responsive Mobile Sites

The search engine Bing from the Microsoft Stable is going to affect the fledgling mobile SEO market in a more impactful way. Bing has launched a new set of mobile crawlers with BingBot Mobile User Agents in order to index mobile sites better and to offer more optimized results on the mobile platform.

Bing recommends all webmasters to design responsive sites but unfortunately not everyone follows these recommendations. Hence Bing had to come up with a way to overcome the hurdle and give searchers a better mobile experience. Bing checks if your website is mobile compatible with this new set of mobile crawlers and offers the most optimized sites in the Bing mobile search results.

That way Bing can differentiate how your website is viewed on the iPhone as compared to the Android platform or the desktop browser. Bing needs unrestricted access to your JavaScript and CSS files for better mobile optimization.

This is good news to all digital marketers who had non-responsive albeit high quality mobile sites, since now their websites can rank higher in mobile search results too. If your site is mobile optimized then you can reap rich dividends courtesy of this new update from Bing.

Team Position2

November 7, 2014

By Team Position2