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Bing Ads Offers Better Targeting Options

Bing Ads Offers Better Targeting Options

The search engine network Bing from Microsoft is bringing in a host of updates in order to help digital marketers to better target their customers with location based targeting. It is also giving you more options in terms of ad scheduling. All this will help marketers to customize their ad campaigns based on their exacting business needs.

You can advertise to your prospective customers based on their specific geographical location. This kind of hyper-local targeting is most common on mobile devices. Today more and more people are surfing the Internet via mobile devices and this helps to make geo-targeting that much more efficient because of GPS enabling. But there is more to geo-targeting from Bing than meets the eye. Bing allows you to serve a user depending on the location intent of the user as well. If you are selling realty in Los Angeles and a person from New York City is interested in your LA properties then that person will also see your ads even though he is physically in NYC.

You can even exclude users in a certain geographical area depending on your needs. If you are running a retail chain and you don’t have a store in a certain location then you can exclude that area or if a certain region offers very low conversion rates then you can disable your ads for that location. You can choose the days of the week and the time of the day (in increments of fifteen minutes) during which you want your ads to be served.

All this is good news to digital marketers who can now better control their ad spends and deliver very narrow targeted campaigns. You can get a detailed report about the location of your users and the impressions that you receive. This can then be mapped back to the device from where it originated for better understanding of user requirements. You can choose the devices on which your ads need to be served like mobile, tablet or PC and even chose the specific OS. You can target an ad group within an ad campaign separately thus overriding the inherited targeting from the ad campaign. All this goes to add that much more punch to your online advertising. Updates like these from Bing will be immensely beneficial to digital marketers going forward.

So how do you think these new features from Bing will help your ad targeting?

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Team Position2

September 19, 2014

By Team Position2