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Are You Directing Your Visitors To The Right Channel?

A visitor today can be your prospect tomorrow with personalization!

The importance of knowing your visitors, be it unknown, and their behavior is now a priority across industries, organizations, and individuals. It doesn’t matter if they are personal (visitors at home), professional (clients) or online visitors (web visitors). They are always important and expect that special and personalized attention.

Attention to visitors on personal and professional front has always been there but what about your online visitors? Who are they? What is their line of business: B2B, or B2C? Do you give them that personal attention and experience as well? Do they get what they want, when they visit your website? Are you giving them your personalized messaging so they feel unique and important? Are you directing them through the right channel by understanding their intent and interests?

These are some of the many questions that need to be addressed. The more the marketers are aware about their web visitors’ needs, behavior, persona and demographics, the easier it is to educate or engage with them to make a personalized buyer journey.

So, what’s this web personalization in digital marketing all about?

To answer – It’s all about personalization and not just personalization but Real Time Personalization (RTP) and that’s the digital mantra and strategy for today’s marketers.

Welcome to the world of Real Time Personalization – that creates a unique and personalized experience for your web visitors. Real time personalization gives organizations the power to create individualized experience for their website visitors, based upon various factors such as search terms, demographics and industry. This experience helps to boost their movement through the sales funnel.

“If the user experience is good, the reputation of the website will be even better”

Real Time Personalization uses behavioral data collected from web visitors. Using this, marketers can segment and modify messaging and content in real time to boost engagement with prospects.

Marketers are catching on!

According to Forrester Research, 92% of marketers say their interest in personalization has increased and 83% say it is critical to their company’s success.

There are numerous ways to implement real-time personalization. Let’s take a look at few of them:

  • In-depth identification of buyer personas
  • Developing content that appeals to each type of buyer persona
  • Using big data processes to understand who the visitor is, and what they are looking for
  • Building a site that responds to the broad categories the visitor falls into (such as “region” or the “source” they arrived from)
  • Using machine learning techniques to customize, as per the individual
  • Customization beyond the website

Impact on Return on Investment (RoI)

With real-time personalization, marketers can now concentrate on being found, and establish relationships with buyers. With so much valuable information about visitors, marketers can understand their audience better, present much more relevant content and hence drive more sales.

By Swet Kshitiz

Team Position2

July 28, 2016

By Team Position2