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Apple iAd Expands into Programmatic Buying

The programmatic buying bug has bitten brand Apple too. The iAd mobile advertising platform developed by Apple has finally gone the programmatic way. This platform is one of the biggest mobile ad platforms with tens of thousands of advertisers bidding on the available mobile inventory to promote their brands and businesses alike. So it was only natural that Apple resorted to programmatic buying in order to improve the speed and efficiency of the ad bidding process.

iAd will now make more than 250,000 apps across its platform in over 100 countries accessible to the DSPs (Demand-side Platforms) and ad tech firms like MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Rubicon Project, GET IT Mobile, Accordant Media, Adelphic and AdRoll. These are just a few of the launch partner names. The network is going to expand rapidly in the days to come.

Programmatic is the way to go when it comes to ad bidding since it reduces redundancy and improves overall efficacy of the process. Mobile is the dominant platform for advertisers to reach out to the young and aspiring demographics in any country. Apps have a preponderance over other forms of content consumption on the mobile platform. Apple brings with it phenomenal scale, high quality user experience and a unique, rich data set. This has got the advertisers quite excited.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers

With each passing day, more and more online processes are getting automatized. The ad bidding process if done manually is too cumbersome, especially if you are going to bid for tens of hundreds of ad spots and that too on a regular basis. Programmatic can help you make sense of what actually is offered to you and what are your options regarding the various ad inventories available. To learn more about the advantages of programmatic buying of ad inventory over traditional forms of buying ads, please visit the link here.

With its move into programmatic buying, Apple has released an updated API for its automated buying platform the iAd Workbench. This new API allows the advertising fraternity to generate campaigns, make updates, access analytics and optimize bids seamlessly via their own systems. Learn more about it now at iAd Workbench API Guide.

Has this new move from Apple got you all excited? Well, we can’t hide our excitement!

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Team Position2

November 24, 2014

By Team Position2