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Animated GIFs, now on Twitter!

The social media platform recently announced that users will now be able to share and view animated GIFs on the Twitter desktop site and on its Android and iOS apps.

This move saves users from the round trip they had to take until now, uploading the image on third-party sites like Imgur and then sharing the link on Twitter. Users can now share GIFs directly on the site.

However, GIFs will not automatically play on Twitter. Each GIF will have a white play button on it, which the user has to click to play the GIF. Share animated GIFs on Twitter

Changes for Marketers

Enabling of animated GIFs provides content marketers with more creative avenues for their content marketing efforts.

GIFs capture attention and engage users more easily. They also help deliver brand messages to customers better through animated visuals. With a 140 character tweet limit, it sometimes would be tough for marketers to convey emotions behind messages. Adding a GIF now makes it easier.

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Team Position2

June 23, 2014

By Team Position2