2018 Digital Marketing Trends

Welcome to 2018, a new year where only the strongest fads and marketing techniques will survive. Many successful marketing techniques of the past year have proven their usefulness and will continue to grow and be implemented in 2018. As we enter this new year, let’s take a look at the fads that are here to stay.

1. Targeted Ads and Personalization

A long-standing marketing technique, targeted ads have gotten even more advanced and more focused. With new ways to break down your target market and find new potential customers, speaking to each individual audience has never been easier. Personalization in all aspects of your campaigns will lead to building greater personal connections with your prospects. The array of target ads and personalization options with specified messaging in marketing campaigns is endless. For example, you can target teachers, healthcare professionals, and IT administrators, all within the same campaign.

2. Video Marketing

On-demand and live webinars are paving the way for curated content when it comes to video marketing. These webinars often have experts presenting hot topics within their industries, which is a very enticing viewing opportunity. The way in which information can be presented and explained in these formats is quite unique – if you are hosting a live webinar, direct interaction with your viewers is a positive for you and the viewer. The data collected from these activities is top-notch.

3. Continuously Engage Throughout the Customer Journey

Taking the above into account, connecting with customers during one or two specific stages of the customer journey is not enough anymore. Picking the right content and right channel to engage with your customer depends heavily on your knowledge of the customer’s buying stage. This opens more doors to connect and engage with your customers, which in turn will provide more leads and data for your team.

By incorporating these key digital marketing trends into your marketing activities this year, you are sure to see some vast improvements in lead quality, engagement, and data collected. Using these trends and improvements gives you an advantage over your competition and will help your business be more successful.

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February 7, 2018

By Team Position2