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What does the Grand Jury say – Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

The cloud of the biggest shopping period of the year is above our heads now. So to what extent are consumers going to make the most of what this time’ll rain down upon us?

Along with the above question, there is something else that consumers must ponder over: should it be Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

It is true that consumers can be participants in both, but an awesome infographic by HSN Electronics Shop that looks at the two days separate entities. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes, the best discounts being available only online and low cost or free shipping are major positives for people to favor online shopping. Some retailers have even given consumers the option of purchasing online and picking up goods from stores! With Black Friday, it is the irrepressible crowds, commotion and limited product choice that are deterring consumers from venturing into physical stores.

There are even mobile apps available that tell you when product prices drop!

So what’ll it be people? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Tell us in your comments!

Check out the infographic below for more astounding details: