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Arena Calibrate

Level Up Your Analytics

Powerful Tool For Unified Marketing Campaign Performance Analytics

Arena Calibrate is a revolutionary ML-powered analytics platform for digital marketers. The platform provides a powerful free solution for cross-platform campaign data integration, automated data pipelines, dynamic reporting visualizations, and ML-based campaign performance insights. Our out-of-the-box solution helps marketers save massive time pulling, combining, and analyzing cross-platform reporting.

  • Reliable and accurate reporting and insights across top-used paid media channels and inbound marketing platforms
  • Saves considerable hours with cross-platform reporting analysis & prep work
  • Quick and easy to set up. Create an account, connect your data sources and your dashboard is automatically created
  • Best-in-class performance analytics templates available to use immediately - created by marketers, for marketers
  • Algorithm-driven campaign optimization recommendations and performance anomaly detection so marketers can arrive at their campaign insights and next steps faster
  • Powerful ML-based BI platform + ability to perform complex analytics and forecasting
  • Easily scale platforms or customizations with Pay-Per-Use consulting services

Arena calibrate

From a technology standpoint, Arena Calibrate sets new standards in the industry with robust analytics functionality that are normally offered with costly plans from other BI tools, including:

  • Data Warehousing - Raw data from each channel are fetched and combined to bring all-important platform data into a single table. The fully-managed ETL (Extract Load Transform) layer blends and matches the relevant data fields from each platform to build discrete data sets designed by marketing experts to help map the customer journey.
  • Data Integration - A secure, world-class connector system allows users to connect over 35+ top marketing platforms. The system has built-in data pipeline mechanisms to address data accuracy automatically and refresh issues.
  • Data Visualization - Datasets are connected to an ML-powered business intelligence visualization layer, which enables campaign managers to view data and perform complex analysis with an easy, no-code user experience.
  • Campaign Performance Summaries & Insights - Arena Calibrate automatically monitors and interprets the charts and tables in your dashboard and provides impactful performance summaries and insights based on the most important KPIs. Marketers also are alerted to any major campaign performance anomalies (spikes or decreases) for awareness.

The free Campaigns Essential Dashboard plan helps any individual, or team, level up their analytics immediately with up to five top platform integrations, including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads & Bing Ads. Once marketers create an account and connect their platforms, their analytics dashboard is ready within 24 hours.

With analytics, one size does not always fit all - If a digital marketer has specific analytics data or visualization requirements, Arena Calibrate has a dedicated team to support a wide variety of data or visualization customizations. Also, marketers could upgrade their free plan to add additional accounts in already connected platforms or new platforms.

For more details, or to try Arena Calibrates freemium version, visit