Executive – Admin


Bangalore, India

Job Summary

The admin executive takes care of the entire operations of the organization. An overview on this job includes managing different tasks of the company, preparing income-expense reports, supporting the clerical staff, scheduling meetings, making arrangements for all the official trips, and organizing different records. The smooth functioning of the company relies on how well the admin executive performs. It is his or her duty to ensure that employees have a seamless working experience.The staff at every level looks up to the admin executive for support in terms of supplies like cleaning material, printing papers, and basic stationery, to mention a few.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manage office supplies, keep their records, and place order for the next set.
  • Scheduling the travels of employees is also a part of the admin executive’s job. This includes arranging travel tickets and finding the best accommodation.
  • Organize and execute all the events. The admin executive may even be required to visit the location if the event is outside the company.
  • Distribute the correspondence and store it if required. The filing skills of the admin executive must be neat.
  • An Admin executive is an employee who remains at the centre of all the functions of an organization. There are no barriers to his or her activities. The scope can extend to the Human Resource Department or touch the horizons of the Finance Department.
  • Always display professional etiquette. This applies especially when a client has come over for an important meeting.
  • Demonstrate time management skills that are time-bound. For instance, renewing group medical insurance, AMCs, or managing to book two connecting flights in a manner that there is no overlap.
  • Oversee the staff at every level. This includes the cleaning staff and other maintenance staff. Review their requirements to ensure that the supplies are available.
  • Train and guide the housekeeping team
  • Type the documents and proofread them before submitting them. These documents may either be on behalf of the company or some other department of the company.
  • Process vendor bills and other bills related to the company
  • Prepare all the important reports to define the budget. A report may be required to be prepared monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.
  • Coordinate the recruitment process till the time all the candidates have not boarded their respective position.
  • Answer all the queries raised by the employees.
  • Book a venue for official meetings that include the visit of upper management.
  • File the documents that may be required to be presented as an official record in the future.


  • The candidate must know the business process. This is a huge plus as it means that the candidate is aware of how things operate in a company.
  • He or she must have excellent communication skills. An admin executive is required to connect with people from different backgrounds. Therefore, the candidate must be comfortable and confident while talking to others.
  • Possess the relevant qualification. The Bachelor’s degree is a must but a master’s degree is an advantage.
  • The admin executive job comprises many activities that require a problem to be solved, often at zero cost.
  • Having proven experience as an admin executive will serve additional points.