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Twitter's Tailored Trends

Twitter is the highlight of the moment. The tweet prodigy made the announcement about its “Tailored Trends” with an update on its blog on June 12 and began implementation the same day.

Twitter Tailored Trends
Twitter 2012 looks strong with over 465 million accounts and 175 million tweets per day (mediabistro). The top three Twitter using countries are the US (107.7 million accounts), Brazil (33.3 million) and Japan (29.9 million). A notable manifest of Twitter’s power in social media is the International Olympic Committee’s sanction and integration of the site at the online Olympic Athletes’ Hub, along with Facebook, where fans can like or follow their favorite athletes (Ad Age).Twitter seems poised to continue writing its success story in 2012 too. But it needs to bring out new and useful features to keep up with other competing social media sites.

To make relevant, personalized content easier to find (after the “Discover” tab), Twitter has tweaked its algorithm and come up with “Tailored Trends” (Twitter). Until now, trends were shown based on location, but users sometimes saw pretty unrelated topics trending on their account. “Cinderella” and “Robot Chicken” are trending in Houston now where there may be users who are not interested in these topics at all. Though users had the option of toggling between universal and location-based trends, what seemed missing was that users couldn’t know what their friends were interested in. “Tailored trends”, as the name suggests, are trends tailor-made for you. These are shown based on your location and people you follow (Twitter). It’s always good to know about the goings-on in the world-at-large, but it’s preferable to know what the people you follow are talking about. And this is exactly what Twitter has tried to do with tailored trends.

Tailored trends are rolled out to your account automatically. However, you can opt out of the feature by clicking on the link above your trends. This feature is available for both website and mobile app users on the iPhone and Android (Twitter).

How can you use this feature for your Twitter marketing strategy?

  • Though this might appear to be a small change that will not impact your user experience much, it has a significant effect on your Twitter marketing strategy.
  • Tailored trends are an indicator of what’s trending with your Twitter network. It helps you decide on the content you need to put out there. If you see an industry-relevant topic trending, you could capitalize on it by putting out related content about your company. Tailored trends also help you keep a tab on important industry changes that you may have missed out on otherwise.
  • Virtual followers can translate into real customers for businesses through tailored trends.

Local businesses…what does this hold for you?

  • This feature is most beneficial to local businesses that can use it to offer discounts and deals for local customers.
  • Suppose a local store has launched a new label. It can offer a 25% discount coupon to people who have tweeted about the launch. The store can set up a time frame during which these people use their coupons at the store by mentioning their tweets.

What are the benefits for larger businesses?

  • Companies doing business in multiple locations can also focus better on local marketing.
  • The feature alerts them to what’s trending in a local area. So bigger businesses can give out relevant deals for different areas as per people’s needs. For a particular product, they can offer unique deals in each local area for people who follow/tweet about the product.

Twitter has been tinkering around with its features for quite some time now. The changes to the “Discover” tab and the tailored trends are signs of Twitter pushing for a unique niche in the burgeoning world of social media. Time will be a decisive teller of how these changes have been received by individual users and companies.

Like “Tailored Trends” or leave it? Share your thoughts through tweets or in the comments section!

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