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Twitter introduces the ability to download your Tweets' archive

You were bitten by the Tweeting bug when Twitter was launched in 2006 and you’ve been Tweeting since then. Sometimes you may want to read your earliest Tweets just to see how you used to Tweet then or you want to see your reaction to an event.

Twitter is letting you do just that with the launch of the ability to download your Twitter archive!

You get to see all your Tweets right back to the beginning. Once you’ve downloaded your Twitter archive, you can see your Tweets by each month. You can also search through your archive with specific words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames to find Tweets. Plus, you can engage with your old Tweets in the way you engage with your latest Tweets.

The rollout was started on December 19 with a small percentage of users who’ve selected English as their language. The roll out will be slow. Over the next few weeks and months, the feature will be made available to users world over for all the languages Twitter offers.

Here’s how you can request to download your Twitter archive (if the feature has been rolled out to you):

  • Click your ‘Settings’ tab, scroll down to the bottom and see if you have the option to request for your Twitter archive. If you see it, click the button:

Twitter archive

  • After you request for your archive download, look for the confirmation message from Twitter:

twitter received your request

  • You will then get an email from Twitter saying your archive is ready and available for download. The email will also have a blue Go now button. After clicking the Go now button you’re lead to the page on Twitter where you can download your archive by clicking on the Download button:

your twitter archive

  • After you click the Download button, a ZIP file is downloaded. Unzip the file and open “index.html” which will take you to another page with all your details:


  • After accessing the page, you can see details like the arrow that takes you to the next month and the blue bar charts on the right side, which enable you to choose a particular month in a year. These options help you to navigate between different months and study your activity over certain periods of time:

twitter stats

  • You can also search for Tweets using specific keywords which help you in a more focused search:

search with specific keywords

Now you may be thinking “All these features are fine. But, as a marketer of what use are they to me?”

Here’s the answer to that:

  • You can have a bird’s eye view of your activity:
    Sometimes you may need to know your account activity for an extended period like, say, 6 months or may be a year. Or, you may need to provide a client with a view of their annual activity. If its so, Twitter’s activity dashboards in your archive will be of great help in gauging your activity over the years and also during crucial periods for your business:


  • Tracking your topics
    If keeping track of your topics so that you know what aspects you’re touching upon is one of your goals, you can download your Twitter archive and check your Tweets in a word frequency visualizing tool likeTagCrowdYou’ll be publishing a lot of Tweets in a day and it’s tough to keep track of the topics you’re covering. In such a situation, being able to download and access your Twitter archive can be very helpful in maintaining comprehensive topic coverage.
  • Tracing content performance in engagement:
    Regardless of whether you’re looking at engagement results for your paid or organic results on Twitter, it’s of great use to know what drives engagement for you. However, it isn’t easy to go back by 4 or 6 months and look at the cause of a rise or dip in engagement. There may be other causes for ups and downs in engagement. But probing the qualitative factor of your engagement rate by looking at historical data can be very insightful about the content types that are a hit with your audience.You can use data from your Twitter archive in learning about the times when there was an increase or decrease in your engagement graph.Can you think of any other ways your Twitter archive could help you? Tell us in your comments!

December 21, 2012
By Team Position²